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Crackdown 3 Mixed Reviews

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I am not sure how many of you played the crackdown 1 and crackdown 2. It seems like there is crackdown 3 already out. It had a lot of marketing and promotion issues in the process. But the game developers finally managed to hit the push button for the game. And it seems like the single player mode is decent enough. Though the multiplayer version seems to be not getting much positive traction. What's your experience with the game?

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5 hours ago, DylanC said:

I don't think it's out quite yet but it does come out soon apparently. My gut says it's going to be disappointing (like the second one) but hopefully it's decent. I liked the first one back in the day.

I also feel like crackdown 3 is going to flop and I didn't even finish the second one because I found it to be a very crappy game. Crackdown on the Xbox 360 was alright - quite a bit above average and it was fun for a while but I got bored of the game.

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I think you guys are in echo with most of the youtubers who are also saying the same. I think game lacked on many fronts. Based on what I have noticed that graphics and audio side is not much of an issue. It's more of how it was designed that got the most negative review. Nobody liked the premise of the game and nobody enjoyed their gameplay and it showed from the walkthrough. 

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