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My eSports Team

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Hello everyone! I wonder, any of you own an esports team? Well I do and let me tell you how I manage it. First of all my biggest problem was "Which Game Should It Be Based On?". I decided that my team would compete in the mobile gaming game called Clash Royale. There is alot of competition there to be honest. We're not a "professional" team but atleast we try. Most of the times alot of people ask me how do I get my team into competitions. Well for this I mostly use twitter, you can find ALOT of competitions there. Most are semi-pro. Most of the tournaments are paid tournaments where you pay a fee in order to compete but the first 3 places will get money in return. Others are free to enter but you might win money if you win. 

Also, remember! Nothing is free! Most of the people that represent your team are there for money. The best players can represent you if you pay them. In my team I pay 2 of them. The others I do montly raffles but if you want to be the best then you have to invest.

What about you guys? What do you think of eSports teams?

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22 hours ago, o-o said:

Exactly! Never give up, even if you pass through rough times.

Never give up should be the cost of arm in such kind of team set up of the E-sports team. I know how challenging it is to manage a team of E-sports players as the sole owner, expenses will be much. But if the team is successful long time, such wouldn't count anymore. 

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