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  1. I think some minor extended features?
  2. Bravosi


    Wait, do I need to format the DVD's on pc prior to it or what?
  3. I might try Fallout btw, never played it. Should I?
  4. I actually replay RE4 atm on my PS2, so no... :)
  5. Just googled it, looks quite nice!
  6. I'm playing Bloodlines atm, and it kinda doesn't bother me! 😄
  7. I think it's easy to solve problems caused by gaming rather than alcohol or drugs etc.
  8. I hate them, false impression of being free.
  9. People think gamer is a lifeless monster living in a basement. I play like 2 hours a day now (I used to play 8 hours a day when was in school). But now I work, have family, bought a house. Life completed. :p
  10. My impression with Albion is kinda meh, a grindfest.
  11. I'd love to play this one haha!
  12. Oh, nice! I didn't know! The contrast of light is indeed annoying!
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