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Why March 2020 is a good date for ps5

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1. Tax time

2. Head start vs competition (nextbox will likely be fall 2020)

3. Sony will be able to manufacture more on time for holiday

4. Ps4 pro and Xbox one x cpu already super outdated

Low income Cry babies who want ps5 to be released 2029 so they can play all games in the universe before buying ps5 don't have to buy ps5. Sony always support their console 10+years

Ps2 stopped production in 2013

Ps3 stopped production in 2017(bf4, 2k17, bo3)

PS4 will stop production in 2023-4

In 2025 low income cry babies can still play 2k25 In 25fps while ps5 is 60fps


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One comment that I really liked is that some PS5 games will be released on PS4 as well and that it might be retro compatible, (high hopes for the last of us 2 on ps4)
I just got my ps4 on christmas and I'm interested in purchasing another one.

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I think April has no festivals or any form of the election of any sort. So it can be pretty tough to see things as well. I guess we have to see if there is any benefit for Sony to release in march. 

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