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Do you purchase the DLC?

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Some games have downloadable content (DLC) which usually you can get if you pay for it. When you are purchasing a new game do you buy it with all the extra DLC?

I never have bought any of these things. I think that it's making the video game too expensive for me.

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Depends what type of DLC.  I don't buy little add on DLC, like costumes, skins, or loot boxes, I can never get behind that.  But if we are talking big expansion DLCs that add new map areas, missions, etc then I do buy those occasionally.  But even then only for games that I really like, for example Witcher 3 and Horizon ZD both had solid DLCs that really expanded the game. Those were worth it IMO.

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I actually feel that the core concept of DLC is a good idea. Adding more to a game I love is awesome. I just dislike it when dev/publishers decide to carve out content from the base game pre-release and sell it as DLC. That's just BS.

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