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  1. Anyone here get theirs yet? Waiting for some feedback before I move on this offer.
  2. Interesting, far from conclusive but I think late 2019 is a strong possibility, it certainly looked pretty close to being done last E3. I remember seeing that Sony indicated they wanted to keep it somewhat spread out from Days Gone as they have similar themes, so I think late 2019 fits that bill. Also, if we are going to see the PS5 in 2020, I think Sony will want to get this game out before then to close this gen so to speak, then they can sell remasters on PS5, similar to how the first was handled. Either way, I will be grabbing it whenever it comes.
  3. If you like the Bioware formula (i.e. Dragon Age) you will probably like it. A lot of conversations and relationship building and pretty fun action as well. The original trilogy are classics IMO and are definitely worth playing. Andromeda is a lot better now after the patches and is also a really fun game if you want to get a feel for the style with a game more up to modern standards.
  4. I don't mind a few, too many can get tedious. I like when they are worked in well and used for world building, like they give you an opportunity to learn about the town you are in or the NPC who assigned it.
  5. I think the two DLCs for Witcher 3 were the best I've played as far as how much content they added and the quality of that content. Frozen Wilds for Horizon was also great.
  6. The OneX may be more powerful but from what I have seen the resolution differences are minimal and there are very few cross-platform games show any significant difference. XBox does have the bluray player and backwards compatibility which are strong features. But Sony has by far had the better exclusive games this generation, I think that has made the difference in sales. On topic, PS4 passing the 360 is a nice milestone as the 360 definitely dominated the PS3 last gen. I am curious as to who will step up come next gen.
  7. I have never been to good at that last part, lol, much like you all I am always picking up more games a building a backlog. Mostly I just play as much as I can, try to prioritize games, and then wait for those lulls in between releases to get caught up. Fall time heading into the holidays is always tough as a lot of games are dropping, but summer usually slows down a bit I can get somewhat caught up. I also tier my games, so "must buys" I puck up day 1 regardless of backlog. Then there are games I want to play but don't need right away, I will usually use gamefly for these as it is cheaper and spreads them out a bit for me, or I grab them on sale later. Then there are the "seems interesting but I'm not too pressed to play it," those end up at the end of the gamefly list and I get to them as I can.
  8. Two that I primarily use, a PS4 and a Switch. I also have a PS3 and N64 but they don't played very often.
  9. Yea hopefully there is, I highly recommend it. I like AC games but they rarely stand out as truly great, this one really surprised me by how much I enjoyed it, a GOTY level game to me.
  10. Probably Skyrim, as that is easily the game I have the most hours in. But Witcher 3 and AC: Odyssey would be up there for me as well. Something with a big open world I could explore endlessly and that has good replay value.
  11. I don't have any video game specific ones yet, but I have considered a few. Zelda would be a big one, probably a Tri-force, Ocarina, or the Master Sword. I have also thought a Vault Boy bobble-head could make a cool tattoo.
  12. I always enjoyed the Stone architecture of Markarth in Skyrim. Witcher 3 also had some really impressive cities. Horizon ZD also has one that comes to mind, the main Carja city is really impressive. I remember when you first approach it in game, you are on this heavily wooded path increasing in elevation until it appears on the horizon on this big raised plateau with these massive bridges leading to it, its a pretty breathtaking moment in that game.
  13. I tend to be a heavy armor person. My favorite build in Skyrim is a heavy armor two handed weapon build. I like to build HP/Stamina tanks that just go in and crush everything, no sneaking, no fuss, just walk in and wreck. With that build in Skyrim (once at a certain level of course) I can walk right up to Dragon Priests and crush them in 2-3 hits. That's not to say I haven't built some light armor stealth characters that are fun as well, my stealth archer is definitely another go to.
  14. For me its Pokemon. I guess because I always received the old Pokemon games as Christmas gifts when I was a kid. I have a copy of Lets Go but haven't played it yet, will probably pull it out around Christmas for a nice nostalgia hit.
  15. Journey is really amazing and can be beaten in one sitting.
  16. I have a few things, I ordered the collectors addition of Horizon so I have the Aloy figure, I have pins of the Kanto badges, a few gaming related t-shirts, and a Fallout bobblehead, I think that is about it.
  17. That is cool, I will keep an eye out. On a similar note, have you all seen the Game of Thrones themed Whiskeys coming out. Johnny Walker released a White Walker bottle where Johnny looks like the Night King, and you are supposed to freeze the bottle to reveal a message, and its a special blend whiskey meant to be drank ice cold. I picked up a bottle it was pretty good. There are others being released by different brands as well. For any of you whiskey fans. https://www.forbes.com/sites/karlaalindahao/2018/10/18/diageo-and-hbo-release-game-of-thrones-single-malt-whiskies-2018/#63a7bb101268
  18. I saw someone mention somewhere the Spyro reignited trilogy might make it to Switch eventually and I would really like to see that. Those games would be great portable.
  19. Yea its definitely frustrating, I can see restricting it in certain situations like mid battle or something but it should definitely be available generally. I always feel weird shutting a game down when I haven't manually saved.
  20. I don't know if it's overrated as much as it is a fad. Online competitive shooters have always been popular, its an area that has wide appeal. Battle Royal is just another evolution of that, and Fortnite in particular, by being F2P and its cartoonyness has become popular to the younger population of gamers in particular, giving it a lot of hype. Now we see battle royal modes making in into more mainstream FPS games, like COD and Battlefield. So I think battle royal is probably around to stay, but the hype around games like fortnite will die slowly and it will be left with a core player base and we will begin to hear about it less and less.
  21. Wow that is surprising. But I suppose it makes sense. As the article points out all the big games they would be talking about have already been showcased, so it does seem like they are gearing up for a big announcement (probably the PS5 and launch titles), and they likely will not quite be ready to announce that at E3 next year, so instead of giving basically a repeat of last years show case they will sit it out and do their own big announcement later in the year.
  22. As far as location I was kind of hoping for Valenwood as I really like wood elves, but based on that image from E3 ppl seem to think Hammerfell is most likely, and that would be cool to. As far as the game, first of all I hope Bethesda really revamps the engine and gives greater visual fidelity and gameplay mechanics. Increase the amount of potential NPC interaction and offer more true side quests with good story lines built around them. I also agree that a system built around player choice and more consequences from those choices would be great. Beyond that I just want a big beautiful Bethesda world to explore, cool new armor types and weapons, and in depth skill trees and build options.
  23. I only use minimal mods, there are a few that upgrade the visuals a bit and those are nice. Beyond that, I like the rich merchants mod, which gives all merchants a lot more money so I can successfully sell all my loot in one place instead of having to travel to multiple cities to sell it all. Also, I use one that stops all the random vampire attacks if you have that DLC, they are excessive and would often happen in towns when I was unaware and then critical NPCs would die fighting them, leaving their store closed forever.
  24. I would say Skyrim and Witcher 3 are the two best for me. AC Odyssey has been pretty amazing as well, and may be the biggest map I have seen. I would also give a special nod to Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 considering the time at which they were made, they really redefined what an open world could be and set the stage for a lot of current games.
  25. Yea it can be tough but its best to try and not get in your own head about it (easier said than done I know). As soon as you start thinking about messing up it makes it more likely that it will occur, you psych yourself out. Sometimes I will pause before a big fight, take some deep breaths, remind yourself verbally (out loud) to be calm, take it slow, be patient, speak your general strategy out loud to yourself. Then when you resume focus on the game and your gameplan, nothing else.
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