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Executor Akamia

Character mains in games

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For those of us who play fighting games, it's quite normal to hear about this or that character being someone's "main", as in a character they'll pick to play as in nearly all scenarios and circumstances, if not all. You'll sometimes hear about this in other genres too; RTS games with factions/races that are asymmetrical usually have players specialize in maybe one or two such "characters" depending on how many there actually are in the game, or shooter games (either the first-person or third-person variety) with a variety of classes or even distinct characters with players being able to play as any range from one to several members of said cast, if not any and all of them when the need arises. MOBA games experience this phenomenon as well.

But what I'd like to know is other people's thought process behind this. We all make these decisions our own ways. Sometimes the way we do this can make us hesitant to pick up another game that lacks that specific character you like. Case in point: I myself wasn't all that into fighting games until Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 came out. The major selling point of the game for me was the presence of Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series on the playable roster. Not only was that a character I was familiar with, having been a fan of Ace Attorney for quite some time by that point, I found the idea of a character from a visual novel series about the Japanese criminal justice system – particularly, the character is a lawyer with no relevant super powers aside from a probable case for super-durability – in a game full of demons, gods, superheroes, and supervillains, to be quite novel and considerably amusing. To this day, whenever I play Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, I always have Phoenix Wright on my teams.

I usually gravitate toward familiarity when it comes to even a minor crossover in a game, such as Akuma being in Tekken 7 for example, as I main him in Street Fighter games, or the Arbiter being a playable character in Killer Instinct for Xbox One, since I play Halo games. When the game isn't a crossover in any capacity, such as Skullgirls, I usually go for the characters that are closest to my interests outside of games. In this case, robots and cybernetics; in Skullgirls, that means I mainly play Big Band and/or Robo-Fortune.

What about you guys? What decides a main for you?

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When it comes to fighting games, initially I play around with several characters until I find one that I just click with. For example in KI I'm best with B Orchid. I used to play Soul Caliber 2 in the arcade a lot. I was deadly with Kilik. The game was always packed with people, and I made it to 6th place in the top 100. And on a college campus, with thousands of gamers hitting that machine up, that was a hell of an accomplushment. I got it on Game Cube just because Link was a guest character. I wasn't bad with Link, but I'm better with Kilik.

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