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EA loses 3.6 Billion Dollars In Value

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11 minutes ago, The Blackangel said:

For some reason, some reason, I’m not surprised.


 I wonder what that reason is......

None of EA's executives can figure it out either. They also wonder why most gamers look at EA games with such disdain and why even mainstream media is starting to get on their back. It couldn't be the "surprise mechanics" - Could it?

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4 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

I can see it now:

"Coming soon to a store near you: it's SJW Throwdown! The ultimate in forcing your kids to be a worthless piece of shit. From EA Sports."

There's a game called Battlefield 5 made for SJWs and it was a massive succe...no wait a minute, It completely flopped!

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What's your problem with the LGBTQ+ community? I have a lot of friends who are transgender, and I see their struggle. They're not SJW's demanding you change your life to fit into their tiny little bubble. They just want a little bit of respect and to be left alone to live their lives, the same as everyone else. They're not monsters.

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Your friends may not be like that but others do who have damaged movies, games, and a lot of things. If it was just about respect things would be not like this. That's my problem. They are the monsters who started all this through tumblr and now moving to california law on letting 4 year old kids choose gender type crap.  Nope. I will always be opposing them. I will always have problem with this. 

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