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Next XBox revealed. XBox Series X

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And right way I've got issues. First, the name, it's dangerously close to XBox One X. There's a very real possibility that someone can accidentally buy the wrong console. Maybe I'm overacting, but I actually thought Scarlett was better.


Second, it looks like something one would mallet into the ground to build a fence.


But then there was this, in full game rendered footage, and I find myself falling in love...


Haven't seen much talk of features yet, and Microsoft hasn’t addressed reports of the company’s plans for two next-gen consoles, but the Xbox “Series” X naming does suggest there won’t be just a single console. We understand Microsoft is planning two new consoles for Series X, with a second lower priced and less powerful console planned alongside the more powerful main console.


For nerds, the Xbox Series X will include a custom-designed CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture. Microsoft is also using an NVMe SSD on Xbox Series X, which promises to boost load times. Xbox Series X will also support 8K gaming, frame rates of up to 120 fps in games, ray tracing, and variable refresh rate support.

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Yeah the name was kinda of a bad choice, Scarlet sounded cooler, but the design is fine I dont see a problem with it , I mean every time a new console is released they always look like a giant brick. Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 being a Microsoft Exclusive is a huuuuge improvement for Microsoft, they are really stepping up their game.

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The Series x will support backwards compatibly all the way back to the original Xbox and be compatible with XB1 peripherals, although that was to be expected. I do think some idiots work at Polygon though. The headline is "Four Generations of Backwards Compatibility" when this is only the fourth XBox. Twits

In any case, here's Polygon's article.

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