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12 minutes ago, DC said:

@Shagger What game is most nostalgic to you?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, mostly because I genuinely did have an annoying owl to explain my life goals and a fairy to drive them into my scull no matter how many times I'd heard it before.

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5 hours ago, DC said:

@Shagger Where is the best place you’ve been for taking walks?

I was once taken up a hill called Golgotha. Yes, I had a lot to carry and didn't wake up for three days afterwards, but there was a lot of people there to see me and it was nice to be the centre of attention.

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10 hours ago, DC said:

@Shagger, how have you been? Haven't seen ya on the forums in a few days.

Long story short, I've been busy. Between being back at work, the evening time responsibilities and how exhausted I've been as a result I just haven't had much time. I appreciate the concern but there's nothing to worry about. Hopefully things will get a little easier over the next few of days.

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Just now, DC said:

@Shagger Do you enjoy your job? What's your career plan, dream job? Are you working towards your goals in life?

Well, I work as a tradesman/engineer at dockyard run buy a multinational engineering firm and military contractor in Rosyth,  Scotland. I mostly build, decommission, dismantle, repair, maintain and re-fit Royal Navy ships and until recently was involved with the build of the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carries. I do enjoy my job, but now that the carrier project is over and it'll be a couple of years until the next major ship construction project starts, I'm kind of in limbo. It's likely I'll end up working off-site at some point as the company can't keep us employed to do nothing, but can pay the workforce off either as they need us. There are opportunities to advance in this company and travel, so I'll just have to try to take my opportunities as they come.

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