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8 hours ago, DC said:

@Shagger What caused you to get into your current career field?

I was always interested in this field. I went back to collage in my early 20's after being paid off from a horrible job to do a mechanical engineering course. We were always told about what jobs and particularly what apprenticeships were becoming available and it was an apprenticeship with this company that I successfully applied for. 

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1 hour ago, DC said:

@Shagger What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured!


A hard question. I've had three noteworthy injuries. Are these injuries dumb-worthy? Well, it depends on perspective. The first two described here are my own fault really, the last one, well...

A wrist breaking through a bike fall. Not interesting, moving on.

Then two major burns on the job. One time I allowed a droplet of molten metal drop onto my wrist whilst trying to tack weld an overhead pipe bracket. Ouch. Expect it didn't hurt. The skin damage was so severe there was no nerves left to register any pain. A tip to anyone. It's a good thing if a burn hurts. It if does, water it for at least 10 minutes. If the burn doesn't hurt, ambulance.

The other burn was years earlier, very different and far worse. I was working at a cheese factory (call that the embarrassing part) when as the result of badly labeled storage and literally no training on my employer's part, I ended up spilling a highly alkaline cleaning chemical on my legs. Let me tell you, chemical burns are far worse than thermal burns. At least fire is out when it's out. It took over a day to neutralise this chemical that spilled on me and stop it from furthering this burn. There was skin grafts and almost two weeks if being bedridden in hospital. It was hell.

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4 hours ago, DC said:

@Shagger What's a really popular game everyone seems to love but you don't like?


There are popular games like Minecraft and Fortnight that just aren't my sort of thing, but a game that should be right up my alley and most people seem to love it, but I really can't stand it, Deamon Soul's. I've discussed it before on the forum;


On 12/29/2019 at 11:48 PM, Shagger said:

I'm about to speak negatively of the Souls games.


Before you read what I have to say, let me make something perfectly clear. If you're a fan of these games, I've got nothing against you. This is a re-telling of my own experience combined with what is only my own opinion, nothing more, nothing less. These games have appeal, just not to me. If you like them, good for you. I'm glad that you managed to find fun and satisfaction in them where I could not. So if you simply can't take negative critique of these games, I'm not responsible for how you feel if you choose to read on.

Sorry, but I felt compelled to say this little disclaimer because some fans of these games are so sensitive and unable to take criticism they rally round to kick me off message boards and gaming communities just for expressing my opinion. I'm not kidding, it's happened before.


I gave up on Deamon Souls, not because it was hard, but because it was crap.


Basically, the game's "challenge" is a lie. Enemy behaviours and patterns are cryptic, nonsensical and unfairly prey on one's natural instincts as a gamer, so you can't use strategy, not to mention the blind traps in the environments. The controls are cripplingly and deliberately sluggish and slow to respond, so you can't rely on skill. All you can do is tediously go through a frustrating gauntlet of trial and error to figure out those cryptic patterns and trap placements, so all you really need to beat it is time. Time that the game just flat out doesn't deserve. I'll need to take a brave pill before I say this, but because of that the game isn't even challenging, at least not genuinely so anyway. You're even discouraged you from taking on enemies at a higher level for, well, you know,  a challenge because you earn almost no XP from them. What other RPG has you earn no experience for taking on tougher enemies? I discovered this because the game deliberately misleads you into entering the wrong level at the start, that's how much an ass hole this game is. I get the mechanic of when you die, you have to try to fight back to where you were to get some of your XP back, I don't have a problem with that, but that's still very harsh in a game where you pretty much have to die then employ trial and error to progress.


All that might have been fine if the rest of the game had something to offer, in fact no, nothing can absolve the bullshit this game throws at you, but the point is I think that game hides behind it so-called difficulty to distract players from its other issues. The graphics are horrible even by the standards of the day, cliché in its design and art style, has no story worth telling and the online component is pointless and only means the game can't be paused (In a single player RPG, that is just ludicrous). That "trial and "error" approach also makes the game more repetitive than it needed to be. I've never played a game that managed to be both this frustrating AND boring all at that the same time. I want an RPG to test my skill, reflexes and strategy. This game and it's inexplicably popular brethren are only good for testing your patience.


I know in the minority with my view on this, but I don't care. Soul's fanboys always say I hate the game because I need to "Git Gut" and I'm just don't like a challenging game, but that's not true. That "trial and error" style of difficulty that these kinds of games employ is cheep, lazy and I'm even tempted to call it padding. So it's not that the game is hard, it's why it's hard that makes me hate it.


To be clear, I have not played any of the Dark Souls series (Deamon Souls put me off for life), but from what I hear a lot of the problems like the storylines, blind traps and control issues are gone or greatly lessened, but that "trial and error" approach to difficulty is something that will always be a pet hate of mine, so I'm not interested in playing those types of games ever again.


Thank you for reading. Can I ask that you at least sterilize your pitchforks before you use them? I don't want to get an infection.


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