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Funniest moment written in any video game?

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I think I have mentioned before that video game humour seems to easily be hit-or-miss for me. So, I wondered what for everyone here is the funniest moment you have experienced in a video game?

I am specifically asking about scripted humor, not just funny things that happened to you because of a glitch, coincidence, or your actions or someone else’s. I mean humor written into the world or dialogue in some way.

I am not sure objectively what the funniest moment to me was, because chances are good I have forgotten. But the first one that springs to mind is a line of dialogue in Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues, where one of the brains in the jars/scientists sees you holding up your fingers to try to communicate, and remarks that you are now holding up “fully erect hand penises!” That was probably the hardest I remember laughing while playing a video game in a while.

What moment scripted into a game made you laugh really hard?

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