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I DARE you to post a trailer cooler than this.

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An FPS game with rhythmic based combat and... I can't justify it with words, just watch! This may be, at least in concept, the coolest game of the year. It's DOOM, expect the awesome soundtrack is more than a bonus, it's a vital ally.


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5 hours ago, skyfire said:

I remember a game video which had similar gameplay like this. 


Seriously, did you just forget that you posted on this thread already? Why did you ignore the question from @The Blackangel? I'm actually convinced now that when you log into the forum you just open the "recent content" tab and post single sentence replies to all of them with little thought or care for what you actually post. Listen, post count is just a number, nobody values that over the QUALITY of one's thoughts and opinions.

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That reply was in reference to blackangels one post where she posted video that was similar to this games gameplay. So I just replied back with saying that had similar gameplay. What makes you convinced with something and what you think of post count and me is none of my business. I dont care for that either. I just realized that I was supposed to be specific so that blackangel could remember the name but maybe some other time. Okya? Moving on. 

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