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Sony issuing DMCA Takedown on Leak Discussion

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I think Sony is kind of in a mode of trying to control the community narrative. And issuing the DMCA where the leaks are discussed. 

My view: They are kind of right considering the leaks affect the developers and the company. 


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As far as I'm concerned, if people are posting these spoilers on YouTube and social medi, they saddled that pony and now have to ride it. They get no sympathy from me. The automatic DMCA system, especially on YouTube, is dim witted and broken and if innocent people are falling prey to it I hope the get it sorted out, but that's not Sony and ND are not blame for the broken system they have to use are are well within their rights to get these spoilers removed. Discuss the news story, that's fair, but don't actually include the spoilers, that's just common sense.

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Obviously video's exposing the plot points revealed by the leak's should be claimed by sony and righly so and for people that are, I got no sympathy.  With reguard to videos simply talking about the leak without exposing it,  I could understand the automated system claiming them but they should be cleared up pretty quickly.


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