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The Blackangel

The Outer Worlds - Now On Switch

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I had heard horror stories about the quality of this port from several sources, and this review from TheSixthAxis pretty much sums it up. We're already at a point where the Switch is lacking the guts to keep up with modern games development, so this does not bode well when developers are focused on next get gen' games.

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7 hours ago, skyfire said:

It makes you wonder, does everything needs to be ported to the Switch. 

I'm starting to think so. I'm just going to say that if any of the CD-I Zelda games are ported, or Gods forbid, Custers Revenge, that is the day I officially retire from gaming.

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Very true. Some games have no business being ported to a small device. Imagine if they tried to release Skyrim for GBA. That would be a billion dollar disaster. Especially since no Game Boy anywhere in existence has anywhere near the capabilities to run such a game. Not without a shitload of modding anyway. And even then, you would need an act of the Gods to get it to work. Sometimes it's a genius idea, other times it's suicide. If it's something the company owns all rights to, I can see it being ok, if they want to try. For example, I would love to see a port of the original Zelda with the original 8 bit graphics, without having to sign up for Nintendo Online.

One thing to note is that if you have a Switch, and not a Switch Lite, you can always dock it and play on your TV. Personally I have the Lite and love it. My girl has the regular Switch, so we can always dock and play on TV. Typically though, she's on her PS4, so I'm playing on my Lite.

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