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The Blackangel

Michelle 2020 - YES WE CAN!!!!

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11 hours ago, Demon_skeith said:

Yeeeeah, I don't think she has what it needs to be president, I never forgot her forcing food on kids who wouldn't eat healthy things in the first place.

Like what? A dick?

And when and where did she force anything on anyone? I don't recall that in her 8 years as First Lady.

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LMAO, do you even live in the United States? About the only thing worse than her lunch program was Obamacare. 

I love how they preach about income inequality and how we how depressed they are from their mansion in Martha's Vineyard. 

We would all be far better off if the Left would just keep their mouths shut.

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I do. And it’s the republiklans that are supporting it. They are the ones blaming it all on blacks and refusing to take responsibility for their actions. Meanwhile Democrats are trying to get politicians in office who don’t have their heads in their asses and Putin’s dick in their mouths in order to combat the racial inequities that republiklans cherish so much.


The saddest thing about you personally, is that you’re actually stupid enough to believe your own hype. 

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