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I have known about this show for around a year but never actually watched it due to many reasons, one being that I couldn't really be bothered. However, because of my free time, I got so much free time and decided to watch it and oh my... I'm hooked to the show. I try and get through around 3-4 episodes a day when I can and I only started just under 2 weeks ago and I'm on Season 4.

I just want to give my opinion so far on some characters. The relationship between Harvey and Mike is just amazing. I love how lowkey they are like brothers to each other and also in some scenarios (won't reveal them cause of spoilers). Louis is just amazing. Can be the nicest and the worst but his build up is just great. Donna is wise and I can argue sometimes omniscient.

What do others think about Suits? No spoilers though 😛

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