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2 minutes ago, Family sedan said:

But remember when Skinner almost beat Jeff Gordon at the Fall Charlotte 500 miler late in 1999?  What a boost for his confidence that would have been!

Yeah - it was really a disappointing sight for him after the loss when he was so close. A lot of driver suffer huge setback after such encounter. 

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Just now, Family sedan said:

Yeah and like I said when he got healthy and went back to the Truck Series, he went back to being a star.

Yeah - he definitely knew how to best pick up him and did exactly that for himself. It's actually a very good strategy. 

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5 minutes ago, Family sedan said:

Plus you should have seen how dominant he was in the first couple years of the Truck Series.  That had to have been why he returned to it.

Exactly - I think that it was his backup plan to return to it if the new leap didn't go as planned. 

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