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Don't download the new PS4 update just yet

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The newest PS4 firmware update, simply titled 8.00, is causing some issues for PS4 owners. Some gamers are saying they're getting error code WS-44369-6, which has been mass reported to the PS4 reddit page since. Supposedly, the issues people are having is mostly with their friends list and party chat options. Others are reporting slowdowns and crashes. With some also saying the PS4 takes longer to shut down and restart. 

Has this update caused you any issues? Are you waiting until this is sorted before updating? 

Read more about these issues here - MP1ST

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1 hour ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

Anyone download the new update yet? I'm just sitting here waiting and can't login to the network anymore since I haven't downloaded the update. 


It turns out my PS4 downloaded the update before I had a chance to stop it and there are definitely issues with friends lists and loading of the PS4's indigenous apps like TV and Video, PS Now and The PSN store. They work, but rarely load properly the first time. I've always hated the way that the PS4 (and other modern devices) hold features hostage the way they do unless you have the latest updates. I know it's frustrating, but to have the features be faulty and temperamental has got to be better than not being able to access them at all. My advice would be to just let the machine download the update and hope Sony fixes this soon.


EDIT: Just an example. Got a spam message as I'm sure most people do, tried to load the offending profile to block them and after several minutes of loading, this is what I got...



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