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Sephiroth Is Coming To Smash Ultimate!

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2 hours ago, Kane99 said:

Interesting choice. How many FF characters are in Smash Bros right now? I know of Cloud, and now Sephiroth, are there any others from the franchise? 

No just those two for now. However, I'd like them to add Squall from Final Fantasy 8 because he's a freaking beast as well and his gunsword abilities are crazy as hell.

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On 12/30/2020 at 1:25 PM, Syntax said:

I wish that they had other characters from other franchises, but this is a huge plus so I can't honestly complain too much.

Me neither. I never thought Nintendo would've done this and after all the crappy dlc characters such as Minecraft Steve, this is a noticeable improvement.

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