Battlefield 5 Players Won’t Be Able to Vote on Multiplayer Maps

Battlefield 5 will release later this month, on either the 20th, or earlier for certain players. Recently, DICE released details for the eight multiplayer Battlefield 5 maps which will feature in the game at launch; Aerodrome, Arras, Devastation, Fjell 652, Hamada, Narvik, Rotterdam, and Twisted Steel. Now, it has emerged that there will be no way for players to vote on maps when playing online. However, the studio explained its reasoning for the decision.

Why There Won’t be Way to Vote on Battlefield 5 Maps In-Game

While there are eight different Battlefield 5 maps, it is worth noting that they are not all available for every game mode. They are all available for Conquest, and most are available for at least 4-5 other modes too. In addition, every map features as part of a pair in one of the game’s four Grand Operations. However, this nonetheless means that the selection of maps for any given game type, at least at launch, will be fairly small.

Players Won't Vote on Battlefield 5 Maps

It is fairly common in online multiplayer games like Battlefield for players to be able to vote on a selection of possible maps prior to the start of a match. However, no such feature will be included in Battlefield 5. At least not at launch. Instead, Battlefield will make use of another style of map selection; a map rotation cycle. In essence, the game will automatically cycle through available maps, ensuring that players don’t see frequent repeats of the same Battlefield 5 maps.¬†However, DICE has not ruled out possibly adding a map voting system at a later date. One of the game’s developers, Dan Mitre, recently said during a Reddit AMA that map voting;¬†“will not be available at launch.”

DICE plans to add plenty of new maps through the Tides of War post-launch content schedule. The first three chapters of this schedule have already been detailed, and include several upcoming Battlefield 5 maps. As the roster of available maps grows, DICE may well see fit to implement a map voting system, or perhaps make such a system available for certain modes. Ultimately, it may also be influenced by player feedback, as DICE tweaks the game following launch.