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  1. I use Opera on my Android smartphone.
  2. In my opinion, Harry Mason was like the Ethan Winters of 1999. 😄 Moderator Edit: I see you're still having trouble embedding YouTube videos @Candy Stick. May I ask what bowser you use to access the site? I just have a feeling that could be the first to figuring out what's wrong.
  3. If you happen to still own a PS2, I highly recommend you give both Obscure games a shot. They have local co-op included. 🙀
  4. So, Resident Evil Village is getting DLC at some point, according to what Capcom confirmed at E3. I hope it will be about Rosemary Winters. 🥰
  5. All the tea in China, guys. ;)
  6. It's all due to Joel, and Abby being all manly.
  7. Probably my sitting room, but my flat looks like a warehouse with all the DVDs I buy. 😛 Does anybody use data on their phone rather than paying for a broadband contract? I pay for unlimited data for only £35 per month, but my signal constantly drops to H+ when it should display 4G with a better connection. But that's a major downside to using 4G. It's better outdoors. I heard you can get a device called a repeater, which apparently improves the signal.
  8. I've had people mock me because I support that game, but believe me: I love that game. Naughty Dog is capable of creating gaming gold. So yeah. We all know as to why people hate on the game. But that's just a few aspects.
  9. Now that I think about it, Resident Evil Village has terrible writing. I mean, it flat out sucks. Not to mention that Resident Evil is STILL an action saga at heart, with snippets of horror. Despite all this crap that Capcom tells you, I recommend you just play them, knowing it's a flavor of the week thing now that won't hold up. The 2002 remake is a primary example of HOW you do a horror game, and a remake at that. Nothing even compares to that game for scares. Nothing. Except maybe Silent Hill.
  10. First person horror seems to be the norm now, but I can't say I'm keen on playing games where you don't see who you're playing as. I'm talking about you, Ethan Winters. 😁 I'll always prefer third person. It's kind of silly seeing other playable characters in cutscenes, yet not Ethan. Not to mention games where you mostly run around, or hide.
  11. Think of The Last of Us or Days Gone, but with co-op. It's on Windows, though, but I prefer console gaming. This just looks awesome! 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyYz8uo87I8 Should the video not be embedded, please repair this.
  12. I may watch A Quiet Place again, since the sequel has finally hit the cinemas.
  13. The mutant baby is the real star of Village. 👶 This game is by far the strangest addition to the franchise. I was a bit disappointed by it, but I do think the epilogue sets up another sequel to this game, as opposed to being connected to any titles fron the classic era. But I miss the old characters and whatever major storylines they could have been a part of. The series has some of the biggest plot threads of any long running franchise. 👨‍💻
  14. I'm trying to buy every top ten horror film in the US, since gross reports began in 1922. I have every number one film, apart from films that are still showing in cinemas, or ones considered to be lost. For example, many silent 1920s films are supposed to be gone forever. I use the Variety magazine records up to 1982, then the weekend box office after that year. As for my favourite films: I cannot say I really have any, but basically anything considered the best of all time, I'm going to have to say, belongs in this category. I tend to favour older films than recent ones, but I don't
  15. Well, I honestly hadn't seen this creep on any websites in many a year, prior to 2017. I contacted one of his family members on Facebook ages ago, but she denied it was him behind the abuse. I'll post the screenshots of the conversations we had later on, as they are stored on a USB stick. I'm also sure he deliberately posted with an IP address on the Horror Film Wiki earlier tonight from his ISP, Spark, thinking that he will never be reported. I received an email that someone edited the page for (REDACTED), which is a film I am in as a zombie. But as I was saying, he's a low class human,
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