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  1. I prefer games with storylines. This is what survival horror delivers so well. Even if gamers say gameplay matters way more, I think I have to maintain interest through the plot, as well as enjoy what I am playing.
  2. Konami, get your act together. I miss visiting Silent Hill. 😄
  3. Ah. I just needed a reason to tune into it. 😄 To be honest, I found the event pretty boring. But at least there's Tokyo Game Show that is going to be happening right at the end of September. Likely, it will run into the first week of October. Or maybe there will be upcoming State of Play events that will reveal something big, like this game. Even if it is just an indie game, fans are still keen to learn more. Anyway, I just need a good enough reason to get myself a PS5.
  4. Well, Gamescom ends tonight. Maybe we aren't going to see anything about this game until at a later date.
  5. I believe Doug Bradley hates the ones he is not in. I don't blame him.
  6. I think at first, it is a trailer, but then the opening level may be playable. I believe they have a site that covers their plan. https://www.blueboxgamestudios.com/
  7. "Hellseeker" and "Inferno" are the only two decent direct to DVD "Hellraiser" movies. Remind me of "Jacob's Ladder" where it is all like a nightmare the character does not understand, at first.
  8. Well, you guys... Hasan revealed in an interview that he and his staff are upset over the accusations of them being scammers, or a front for Hideo Kojima's next big secret project, and whatnot. Ah, well. Maybe it will still sell many copies because of the controversy alone. 😄
  9. LOL. Guess who is streaming about this, again. 😄
  10. In that case, they are telling lies. Basically, what us Scots refer to as mince pies. Remember what happened to the puppet that wanted to be a little boy? 😄
  11. Hasan Kahraman was being very vague here, when he responded to this person's question. I wonder if he knows something. If he did, he probably wouldn't want to reveal anything until a big event is scheduled, or something. Although it's just strange how he seemingly doesn't know what the game is supposed to be yet, when he is in charge of what is happening. Or at least I think he is. 😇
  12. To be fair, nobody has really seen much of the game at all. Although they even said a while ago that they're not involved with Konami or Kojima.
  13. But they had nothing to show off, so it felt like a waste of time.
  14. So after waiting hours for Blue Box Game Studios to update the app after that technical problem, all we got was that tease they already posted on Twitter. It's basically a guy with jeans and a green jacket, walking across a floor for a few seconds. You cannot see his face. Big deal, right?
  15. I am disappointed, as is about 73469238 other people. Unfortunately, I doubt it's a revival of the long dead Silent Hill series.
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