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  1. Yes. 

    Yesterday, I watched the masterpiece that is Psycho. The ending where the psychologist is describing Norman Bates is a hoot. The sequels are good too, but I don't get how he was released from the asylum again after 3, as 4 depicts him talking to people on a radio show about his demons. Unless the third film is ignored. It's not clear. 

    I don't know how they could release him once, let alone repeatedly.

  2. I like snooker as well. I used to play it in a venue called the Ball Room. But it's harder than pool. 

    If you trail too far behind in points, you have to make your opponent carry out fouls, then attempt to pocket the balls in a certain order, ending with the black ball, which is worth 7 points. The table is massive too.

  3. It's just who's behind the games. Their other projects weren't exactly a success. 

    One of them released an adventure game about a cat lost in a city. But it's just a storyboard type of thing. Not a game in that traditional sense. 

  4. He is known for many hit songs in Canada. However, he never had much success in the United States for some reason. He only achieved one minor hit in that country, and had some success with the band, Max Webster.

    Any fans on this forum!? 😎

  5. They attempted a HD collection in 2012, but it sucked. And I doubt they'll be able to remaster them properly as they apparently lost the source for the game's DNA, so to speak, resulting in the fog glitching out. They also had to change the voices for 3 over a copyright issue. Yet 2 has new voices as an option, or you have the option to use the original ones. But not for 3. So that's pretty much on the meh side. 

    2012 was a wet fart of a year for the franchise. Downpour sucked. The second movie was an absolute flop. And that PS Vita game they released that autumn was totally stupid. 

    Tomorrow better bring prosperity to the hill walkers. That's just what I call fans of the series. We have suffered long enough...

    God, see these shite phones for mucking up my punctuation.

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