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  1. Stills. Still. Darn phone...

    The problem with the Capcom fanboys is that they love their man muck being squirted into their eyes. It's like they cannot get enough of the love juice they are providing, baby!

    Nah. I'm just joking...

    But one thing I find particularly bizarre about the fanboys overall, is how they openly defend the RE2 remake to death, while universally hating on RE3. That's so weird, because the remake of RE2 had the same amount of cut content, changed story aspects, and missing creatures. Like for example, they took out the original plants. Yet one was kept in the game, slumped dead against a window in the lab where they had a greenhouse, or something. Plant 43. You know? So like, why do they never talk about RE2 being guilty as charged too? They put RE2 on a pedestal so high, that they can never see the wood for those tall trees. 

    It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They would rather play favourites, than accept the blatantly obvious facts, which at this point, are already there in black and white, being honest. It's so dumb.

    And the same people who want a CV remake, as well as a RE4 remake, must be clueless. How can you request more remakes, knowing that Crapcom are bound to remove a lot of things in those games too? They would make them to where they would be so bland, generic, and probably unrecognisable into the bargain.

    It's crazy to think that they're the problem to this whole mess, and not even willing to come up with a solution...

  2. Precisely. It makes them money, so why should Crapcom shoot a cow if it stills makes milk? You can expect more RE remakes up the pooper as long as people are willing to invest Capcom more greed. 

    In other news, I heard the Terminator series may be getting revived too. As if Arnie really needs another fat pay check at his age. They've wrecked that once brilliant series beyond all repair. The last one they pumped out had "woke" written all over it. 

    Meanwhile, all of the RE characters fans want to see officially return such as Jill, are nowhere to be seen. And no. Having her in remakes doesn't count. That's an old game, done up in a modernized way. So that's no excuse.

  3. Meh. They've been raping the Resident Evil franchise for years either way one looks at things, so maybe my hate for Capcom has been pointlessly overkill as of late. But at least you guys are more understanding as to where us RE die hard fans are coming from. These games mean a lot to people that grew up playing them. All of them. Not just say, when someone began with the later entries such as RE4, 7 or the RE2 remake. But on other forums I've visited and mentioned this stuff on, they're always being like, "STFU. OMG. RE has always been 'B' film, trash!!!!1 Etc!" 😄

    Aye, aye, aye...

    Count me out! 😉

  4. That's too bad about the Resident Evil Netflix series receiving all of the hate. You would think Capcom would learn that fans don't want this kind of slop. 

    They actually made Wesker look like Blade, the vampire in the Marvel franchise.

  5. I remember checking out the 2K forums and thinking that it was so awful how a game could be that bad, to where so many supporters turned against the company. The WWE games used to be fun. 

    Creating stories and arenas and other stuff was too time consuming, but the CAW mode was a highlight of the games. You could come up with so many funny ideas - including making a faux version of yourself. There was also previously an option to use custom music and scan tattoos, which I think they had to stop because of copyright reasons.

    But how can you be the person to give Randy Orton his tattoos and then say you own his body now? At least give the artist a credit in the game, I suppose. 🙂

    I remembered an old trick to get more CAWs. Delete them after you add them to pay-per-views. They can be used again, but not edited if they are individually deleted, but they are still retained. But it saves space. 



  6. I agree. The movies made by Paul Anderson aren't the best adaptations. But there are some cool moments like the lazer scene in the original, and there is character development with Alice and the other characters. But if you like the games, it's best to check out the animated movies, which are linked to the games a little bit. Not by much, though, but they are enjoyable.

    Although I don't know why Claire has a shotgun in the flashback scene, when she has a bowgun in RE2. Either the people who made the movie didn't know about that, or Capcom just did it to make people start talking.

    People keep telling me the series still has a lot of the same staff from the nineties, who work on the games today. But then you would think they'd know about small things like this. 

  7. Last week, a Resident Evil series debuted on Netflix. It's not linked to the games whatsoever. It's just based on the general story, but they have Wesker's race different, and he has a daughter. Or is it two daughters?

    Plus, they rebuild Raccoon City. Like seriously. How many more times do we have to see a city that Capcom had originally destroyed in 1999, resurface during the franchise? Well, it was 1998 in the gaming timeline. But the game RE3 was released in 1999. 

    Even so, it's getting ridiculous how they just milk the franchise.

  8. I still log in, but there hasn't been much to talk about for a while. 

    I happened to see Dusk Golem talking about Silent Hill again recently, and how it may be at Tokyo Game Show in September. He suspects that at least, because he is aware that many people who are supposed to be working on a new entry, are to be in attendance.

    But at this point, it's like they better just be ready to announce something, or we need to move on for good. We're tired of running in circles over when something will be finally revealed. 



  9. Some new characters are coming to the Mercenaries mode. And the main game will have a third person mode, allowing Ethan Winters to be viewable (probably minus his face) in the classic over the shoulder perspective, that was introduced in RE4. A fan favourite title which RE8 strongly resembles. At least in my opinion.

    There is good news, however. It's optional, so don't expect a downgrade overall. However, the "Shadows of Rose" story DLC which will specifically have you play as Rosemary Winters, will only be playable in third person for the time being anyway. But the main game still has the option for you to pick either camera perspective.

    I think Capcom knew that RE fans were tired of having to endure only first person, as no original game has had third person so far, since their RE Engine was unveiled a number of years ago. The remakes of 2 and 3 do have third person. But keep in mind here, that reimaginings are NOT new stories.

    Looks pretty interesting. It looks as if Duke could be a villain now. Unless of course, this is all just a dream or something, and it's not actually really happening, but exists in Rose's mind.

    Duke however, had been planned to be the game's fifth lord that you were meant to do battle with, before he was completely altered to be a supporting character...


  10. With Resident Evil Village, and other RE games, I was thinking that Capcom could have gave us a choice of perspectives all along. After all, it happened with The Evil Within 2.

    This is something to potentially have included in future games, even if you have to like, finish the game once to unlock the feature. It would at least be there, as fans don't have to make requests to put this in thereafter.

  11. Even though RE8 will soon include a third person mode, I think they could still try to hide Ethan's face.

    In the footage they showed off on Monday, you still couldn't get a proper look at his face, even with the changed perspective. Although anybody who is aware of the mods, has likely already seen his face in the epilogue. But I also want to know if he's alive. Rosemary could have simply been dreaming about her dad. 

  12. At long last, the RE8 DLC got announced. But I don't have anything to say about it. 

    Silent Hill rumours are still running rampant. 

    The movie director has suggested the amounting gossip is all true as well. 


    Take care. A stalker forced me into retirement! 

  13. I definitely feel happy that Naughty Dog is moving The Last of Us universe ahead. Unlike with Resident Evil and Capcom for the time being. You know how they constantly do remakes, pointless spin on off media, and generally milk the tar out of it. So kudos to Naughty Dog. It's certainly warranted. 

    However, it's disappointing how Bloober Team unveiled a new Layers of Fear game rather than Silent Hill. But it's not like Konami's fans haven't been let down countless times before. We kind of expect to be left in the dark, because I have to question if Konami even cares at this point. So, yeah. It's still crap. But it is what it is. 

    That new Dead Space type game sounds interesting. So I must say, Summer Game Fest is certainly up my street this year! 

  14. It's basically an upcoming PS5, mysterious spin off game that takes place in San Francisco. However, all there is thus far on show from Naughty Dog, is this concept art seen in the following presentation. 

    It evolved from the previously confirmed, but scrapped 'Factions' mode. 


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