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  1. That's exactly how I feel too.

    Capcom has a habit of making up new storylines and adding in characters, that then they ignore. Although I guess in the case of some of them such as Sheva from RE5, she is African, but it's not like they couldn't still show her on video, updating her friends and fellow agents from her homeland. Because I seriously doubt these people retired from fighting the bioweapons. But it feels like a waste. 

    Hopefully, this dry spell for gaming news will be redeemed at the summer games festival. It's been ages since Sony had a State of Play event as well, so there really hasn't been a great deal of things to talk about. These Wednesday night half an hour shows would be a great way to showcase a specific company's content, primarily. Like, Naughty Dog, or say, Square Enix. 

  2. One thing I do find odd about the DLC for RE8, is that they did not plan it from the start, like they did with RE7's post release stuff. A YouTuber named Eldincy said it was strange how Capcom didn't think to do that from the beginning, because if a company can predict a game will be released and become popular, as RE always is, DLC should have been in the cards from the start.

    Personally, I did enjoy RE8 a little bit. But it's not a RE game that I think will hold up well, like most of the other games have. I wasn't a big fan of RE7 either. It didn't really "feel" like a RE game at all, but at least it was enjoyable, and became a noted showcase for the VR headset. RE8 just felt too silly, and absolutely nothing like RE. Or at least not classic RE, which Capcom has mostly distanced themselves from these days, besides incorporating shades of it into these remakes.

    I was hoping they'd kind of move on from the Winters family, but now Ethan's daughter Rose will likely become a major protagonist for RE9 or 10, or whatever. Ethan could even still be alive. They've kind of left that guy's possible survival open, going by the post credits scene where he was kind of revealed to be the guy walking near the car. But I'd honestly prefer to see some of the veterans back, like Jill, Rebecca and Barry, or maybe Billy Coen, since no-one knows where the hell he went after RE0. 

  3. The problem with Capcom is that they just want to make money. Lots of it, too.

    In their eyes, I think some of their games like RE0 were good enough to be well received critically, but in terms of the big sales numbers, certain entries were very underwhelming. So once that occurs, Capcom usually makes up a new storyline as quickly as they can, and then kind of "bury" a lot of stuff they had built up. For example, RE0 and the remake have Rebecca Chambers behaving almost like different characters. Some say the experience left her like that. But meh. They really do portray her as brave in one and somewhat wimpy in the other. 

    I just think it's sad how Jill Valentine has technically been gone since 2009. Remakes and spin offs that predate the events of RE5 don't really count as much as sequels would. But it's about time Capcom brought her back, as she's meant to be the main heroine of the entire franchise, along with Claire Redfield.


  4. Well, he is too OP. If they use the same heroic characters, the games won't be as scary. Leon has already been in most of the games and he is in every animated canonical addition as well.

    With that said, I really want to know what became of Billy Coen. He was the convict in RE0 who meets up with Rebecca. He survived, Rebecca allowed him to go free in the forest near the estate, and he was never seen again. It's a mystery as to whether he got out of the woods or not, considering the area was being infested by zombies and infected animals.

  5. Capcom should have just named it as Resident Evil: Revelations 3. It was supposed to be the third part of the side stories anyway. 

    I would have definitely been keen on it, as there was a rumour about Natalia being in school, and Rebecca working there. Leon was also said to be involved. By the sound of the story, it seemed more RE like than even RE7 or 8. 

    Now, I know he [Leon] is kind of becoming overused, but they did appear together in the most recent animated film. Not the Netflix animated series, but the last animated film from 2013. 

  6. There seems to be multiple rumours suggesting that The Last of Us is getting a remake announced soon. It could even drop in late 2022 as well. So maybe we won't have to wait for much longer, with there being other shows lined up to replace E3. 

    I could actually see a Sony State of Play event being ideal for confirming this big news. But I think it will likely be at the summer festival, as that's likely going to be way bigger than just an online Wednesday night type of quick thing.  

  7. I wonder if Capcom will announce Outrage. It was rumoured a while ago to be a timed release for the Nintendo Switch, and have Rebecca Chambers as the main character.

    Not heard anything more about it for months, as is the case for many titles that had been hinted at. It's just a boring time for any news. But maybe the Covid crisis has had an impact on things being delayed. 


  8. On 4/19/2022 at 1:55 PM, Crazycrab said:

    I'm not optimistic.  Even if it is Silent Hill, and the people writing these articles are being VERY presumptuous if ask me, every FucKonami release release since their split with Kojima has been a disaster.

    I agree. The post Team Silent era kind of sucked for the series.

    Konami outsourced the games to developers that nobody had really heard of. Vatra Games? Really?

    They closed up shop long ago. 

  9. Nemesis is this guy. 

    He made over the top (but honest) rant videos, several years ago. It's a long story.

    He didn't like Capcom for ruining the series, but some other YouTubers persuaded him to change up his ideas, and they were slagging him off in video responses. So he did. Then I got involved in the feud, and it was a real carry on. They flamed me on a live stream in 2019 and I said something about a woman they randomly mentioned. Got sent to court over it, as well.

    He even gave that crappy movie reboot a 10 out of 10 score. I'm no longer subscribed to him anyway.

    But yeah. He doesn't make content anywhere on the level that he did in 2017, anymore. It is sad, because if you knew about his old uploads, you would probably agree.

    Sometimes, I feel like nobody online even cares about my views on the RE series, besides you guys. Because I made a thread somewhere, pointing out how they copy other games. The replies I received so far, have little value. It's like they're trying to say, "You care too much!" 

    Well... I guess I do. 

  10. [i]Clock Tower[/i] comes highly recommended. It's about a girl who is targeted by a killer referred to as "Scissorman" in a university. 

    You don't really do any fighting. You explore the environment, inspecting items, and if he should so happen to come for you, then you have to run and hide. 

  11. One thing that's good about Silent Hill is that they used different characters and stories each time, besides a few games like the prequel and third game being connected to the events of the original. But with the other games, you knew if it was a flop, that because it wasn't related to the primary story, you were confident they could rebound and do better next time. Konami were never confined to using only Harry Mason, or James Sunderland.

    With Resident Evil however, it's kind of different. The plot in RE games is apparently supposed to join together. But it honestly feels like Capcom is going nowhere with it. Then they introduced Ethan Winters, who you don't see the face of. But bringing in new characters is still a good idea, as it shows that Capcom isn't just relying on the legacy heroes all of the time. 🤑

    At least reveal if the BSAA is really Umbrella in disguise. RE7 kind of hinted that the BSAA may not be who they say they are. So things like that absolutely needs to be explored, instead of just being hinted at so constantly.

    As for Silent Hill...



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