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  1. Here is the latest trailer for Resident Evil: Death Island. It's awesome to see that Jill is finally back, and that she will be meeting Leon and Claire. 

    I don't know if the new animated RE movie counts as being anime, as such. 

  2. If any company knowingly milks their franchises, it's certainly Capcom. It's not as if Naughty Dog make new The Last of Us games an annual or a near annual tradition like Resident Evil has been, since the introduction of the RE Engine. If Naughty Dog were to do that, their seal of quality would become anus gravy.

    No. Rather, I can appreciate their attention to detail so the game comes out right. Sans of course, the awful PC port of the first game. But they are working to address the technical issues. 

    I wouldn't say they're milkers as much as Capcom. To be honest, I don't really read about them in the press nearly as much.

  3. I remember people saying the fog and the radio in the SH games was also because of the limitations of the era, but they became a staple or recognisable asset to the series. Even the little doot doot sound when you pick up something, I like. You know it's a SH game if you hear the little noise.

  4. Well, I'd say yes, they are important. But I think in RE games, they are making everything too quiet and dark. There's barely any music. You can add the original soundtrack, which just feels meh. But really. The graphics aren't bad, but they just want everything to be too dark throughout practically every room you go into. It's not like that in older RE games. 

    I still think the RE[1] remake on the GameCube has the most peachy graphics, despite coming out all the way back in 2002. I think it was out in March that year, but I got it in September, as the PAL release was late. If you had an Action Replay device, you could actually use it to play import games from other regions, months before it hit shelves wherever you may be. That was nifty, but then cheats got done away with, as well, it's cheating. Ain't it? 

    I don't really like RE much anymore. It's not just because they are too dark. It's mainly just because the story is ass gravy now, and I think Capcom has hired some lame writers for their games. Plus, I don't know what to make of some of the zany stuff in RE8. But nonetheless, I felt it was a good series up to a point. And I do like RE4, as a general game judged by itself. Although it's hardly a sequel, as the plot is about the parasites in Europe. But it's not really like the previous games, which is why I say it's like RE had basically been turned into a new IP altogether, yet the name was carried across. And most of the games since 2005 have been uneven Steven. You know? But anyway, that's just because Capcom wanted to do different things each time, so of course some results will be bad, but some will still be effective.

  5. I wonder if they're going to have Ada's red dress as an unlockable. In my opinion, she should have had it from the start anyway, and the combat outfit should have been an extra costume.

    They're totally changing up her character.

  6. The RE4 remake is due out in March, and already I am seeing rumours that there will be microtransactions...

    Uh, can I have a quiet wee word, Capcom? 🤭

    Like for example, in the original RE4 you could use a red beam on your guns to aim at enemies. But it seems that you're now going to have to buy this feature. So I would not be surprised if you have to buy your German Suplex counter move as well. 😆

    In all seriousness, that's rather shoddy. 🤑

  7. I'm excited for Alan Wake II. I played the first one years ago, when I still owned my Xbox 360. I never finished it. It was very hard. But it was not really a true horror game. This is seemingly going to change for the sequel...

  8. [i]Lady in White[/i]. It's about a boy who is locked in a closet by bullies. He then sees the ghost of a little girl, who was murdered.

    I actually find that I often struggle to finish films these days. I get easily bored.

  9. The other night, I watched Student Bodies. It's a funny parody of the slasher genre. The killer is called "The Breather" and constantly walks up steps, standing on chewing gum stuck to them. 🤭

    Whenever somebody dies, there's a 'kill count' that pops up on the screen. 

  10. That's sad news about Kevin. I mind of watching the animated series when I was a youngster.

    The figures were cool. I remember I had Killer Croc with a little green crocodile that you could attach to one of his hands. Clayface shot out a mace spike by pressing his stomach. I ended up trading it for a broken Mr. Freeze figure with a mate. 😁

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