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  1. Yeah, Pokemon Masters is pretty enjoyable.
  2. Time sure flies fast-- Skype used to be a real big thing back then.
  3. True, I liked AOE 2 better. the third made me get bored so quickly.
  4. Agreed. I used to play the shit out of that game in elementary school, those were the good ol' days.
  5. Wanted to search for gaming forums and found this!
  6. What's your favorite gaming console?
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome and uh, that's pretty fine, everyone always has their bad and good in them. That would be french. Actually I'm half french and half arabic.
  8. I'm a fan of Rune Factory games, too. I liked Harvest Moon the best, though.
  9. Really? There is? I didn't know, thanks for telling me. I'm the same too, I'm not a big fan of Xbox aswell. Yeah, same here-- I remember getting it at the store in 2006. Good times!
  10. Agreed. Remastered version would be cool, too. It's easier on the PC, though.
  11. Roboticist


    I'm 22. Be good to me!
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