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  1. I think it depends on what type of gaming you are playing and what you are trying to achieve. I have never really thought about it until now but I guess for me, around two hours would constitute a good gaming session. It gives me just enough time to engage with the game and make some good progress, without spending too long on it. I would however love to play for longer periods but I am just unable to do this at the moment.
  2. I am a little bit younger to appreciate the early eras of gaming, but I am very happy with the games available to me in my childhood. I cannot remember what my first console was but I remember being extremely chuffed with my PS2 (I think I may have just missed the PS1 era ever so slightly), and my Nintendo Wii and Ds Lite. I think this was my favourite era, as people seemed to be focused on the enjoyment of the game and not obsessed with the graphics.
  3. I use gaming for escapism and a bit of fun, so I try not to look too in-depth and get offended by anything. Maybe there was an instance when I could have been offended but I think a lot of the games that I play are pretty simple, and do not seem to have any obvious ways to offend players. I am pretty laid back when it comes to these kinds of things, so yeah, I just like to focus on enjoying the games for what they are. 🙂
  4. 22_22

    Last Game Played

    It has been around half a week or so now but the last game that I played was Football Manager 20. I remember coming to a natural stopping point as I had just finished another season, disappointed that I had lost in the play offs. I was hoping for another promotion as I had gotten so closed, but I will have to start again sometime soon. I enjoy the game generally though and I am quite content with playing last years version so I am yet to download FM21 yet.
  5. I agree with this. It is important to game in moderation I feel. Take regular breaks and make sure that you an enjoy gaming in a way that does not interfere with the health of your life outside of gaming. I know how easy it is from personal experience to get sucked into poor habits and game for way too long. What I can say is that is not healthy, and you should at any opportunity try to snap out of these habits and look for reasons to take breaks.
  6. Is there a specific video game series that no matter what they release, you just refuse to buy? Maybe you have a reason for never wanting to purchase it, or maybe there is just a better series out there? For me I guess it would be Pro Evolution Soccer. I only ever purchased their games at a cheap price back in the day, so that I could increase my gamerscore, but I was never really interested in the gameplay. I was always a lover of FIFA but now I play Football Manager, so because I would most likely go to these two options for football based games, I do not think I would ever go near PES again.
  7. I think we are all aware of Mario, a fictional gaming character that was created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, but how many of us have played a whole host of games that feature this character? He has been featuring in games for what I believe is now 40 years as he was first introduced in Donkey Kong all the way back in 1981. Maybe someone here is old enough to have owned this game? Or perhaps you own many other Mario games, old and new... Please do tell us about your Mario collection! Feel free to share photos too if you have them.
  8. Throughout most of my life I have spent my time playing games mostly on a console, other than the odd mobile game or Runescape on the computer. I am not sure what the exact reason was for me rarely engaging in PC gaming, but I believe it had something to do with the simplicity of physically holding a gaming controller. However, with the lockdown and all, in recent months I have started to pick up PC gaming more prominent. I do not own a console anymore now so it seemed like the perfect time to start gaming again, but in a different capacity. So when did you first start playing PC games? Was it before or after console gaming?
  9. Have you ever created your own eSports tournament? How successful was it and did you participate in the tournament? How many other people participated? Did you offer any prizes? Feel free to share videos and pictures of your tournament too... Maybe you could inspire one of us who hasn't created our own tournament, to do so!
  10. 22_22

    iPhone 6 games?

    Hey everyone, for now I am using an iPhone 6. It is the first time I have used an apple device in years, since I had my iPad. This is of course different than gaming on a mobile phone, so I am looking for some ideas. What games should I be playing on an iPhone 6? Suggest me some free ones please! Feel free to also tell me about your favourite paid games too, and why!
  11. I believe this deal is only available in the UK, but supermarket Aldi have a deal on the Nintendo Switch. They will sell the switch online and the deal won't start until this Friday. I'm not sure how long it is available for! It seems the going rate fora switch is £279.99 so this must be an impressive deal. Has anyone found cheaper than this Aldi offer? Will anyone be purchasing it?
  12. I think a while back I would be on the other end of it! I was the one probably keeping people awake with my gaming! Even if you mute the game, your reactions to it can still be loud and if you are in the same room as the person sleeping, then you have the bright screen to worry about. I think the best thing you can do is make sure you are in another room, and play a game that perhaps does not make you angry or shout, so that you do not wake up anyone in your house.
  13. I am yet to eat my dinner yet so scrolling through this thread has certainly made me very hungry. 😛 When I am gaming I like to have sugary snacks and drinks to boost some energy! I would have lemonade or pepsi, with a classic snack like crisps or cookies. I really am a sucker for chocolate so it would have to be double or triple chocolate cookies. I would have to be careful not to game for too long though otherwise I would keep snacking and miss proper meals!
  14. This is not a story I am too proud of but back when I would game all throughout the day and night, there was one occasion during a game of FIFA where I fell asleep mid-game. I can't remember the score really, but I knew that I woke up to a black screen and a high scoreline, with plenty of messages from my opponent! It was not one of my brightest gaming moments.
  15. 22_22

    Black Friday

    Black Friday is a concept that completely baffles me as for a one day event, it seems to be spoke about for weeks! @Zak in the opening post even mentions that the Steam sale specifically will mostly like last a week. This means that you have even more time to find yourself a deal! I have not looked too much into the sales yet as I feel they try to encourage you to buy things you do not necessarily need. I did see that some phones are on sale and that could interest me, but, other than that I do not want to be conned into any other unnecessary purchases. I am happy with the games that I have right now!
  16. I imagine that this would be the dream of most young gamers! To be able to get paid for the games that you love playing, it must be an incredible feeling. But what happens when you have to test games that you do not enjoy playing? Also, would it to be difficult to hold impartial views on a particular game that you love so much. These are the questions I would be asking when considering such a career path. I know for sure I would find it difficult to criticize a game I have close feelings for.
  17. This is very common in Sweden, where I used to live. It is a method of spending a short period in cold water such as the sea, alternating between the time spent in a warm environment such as a sauna. Perhaps your country is similar or does it have an alternative? Even if you are scared of cold water, I recommend you try this but safely of course!
  18. 22_22

    The Paralympics?

    A lot of people love The Olympics but I do not know that many people who watch The Paralympics too. I have been learning about both in my studies and I have become infatuated especially by the latter. I definitely think it is something I am going to pay attention to if we can have the Olympics within all this COVID-19 pandemic! Will anyone else be watching in Tokyo?
  19. It's about £10 a month, and I wonder if it's a waste of money for me. But I'm interested to hear your thoughts. It can be divided by four individuals, but hopefully, it will be nice to distribute the money between those you share it with. I believe this rarely does, however, because the loser who bought it means that many people will watch for free. I 'm curious how many people pay for their Netflix because they can have their mates. Another factor I would like to raise is that there are free streaming platforms, and that might include a lot of the shows, depending on what you watch. A lot of the old shows that I want to watch are on YouTube, for example. Do you pay for Netflix or not? Is it worth it for you?
  20. I usually use gaming as a form of escapism so I am rarely on social media or have it in my mind when I am gaming - after all it is what I am trying to get away from so sharing things on it doesn't necessarily help. That being said, I do like to share from time to time, about any meaningful in-game achievements that I have reached!
  21. That is a really impressive set up actually. Do you ever get the rare opportunity to play on the 42" screen and if you do, what game do you usually select? I game on my smaller laptop sometimes, but also on my 32" television. It is not HD, but it is generally good enough quality for my gaming. I play for pleasure and enjoyment rather than graphics anyway!
  22. I used to love it as a teenager but nowadays I would say that the FIFA series is overrated. It really has been like this for a while where they make the odd change or two, slap on a new number and release near enough the same game. People will continue to buy it as it is such a popular game and they want to utilize the online mode, but I will not be conned into this overrated purchase.
  23. I used to just purchase the expensive kinds that come with the consoles generally, but even those broke from to time. I got fearful of buying any kind of headset so I just avoided headsets altogether. I also learnt in this time that most of the games I play I do not require a headset, so instead of wasting money on cheap knock-offs, I put that money to better use by spending it on other games or accessories.
  24. I remember when I used to play FIFA regularly and all my friends absolutely hated when it rained or snowed on the games. It was random so you did not know what to expect before the match started. I think people hating it as the ball was zipping off the surface, but I really enjoyed this, especially the snow as it made the experience even more authentic.
  25. If you find the right game it is very difficult to get bored from me, especially when it is so new and fresh to you. That is what I am experiencing right now but I have too many responsibilities to allow myself to get sucked in like that. Instead I try to do other more meaningful things like research or study, or I relax in other ways such as watching something on Netflix. If I get too obsessed with gaming then I need to switch off and go for a walk. Healthy and real outdoor exercise is pivotal to keeping sane.
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