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  1. Saaaame. When I'm dreaming, I always fall from my bed and make a lot of noise.
  2. And adults thought that this is family friendly?
  3. I like them, because I trust the people who do surprises for me and they never let me down.
  4. Even tho I'm sleeping alone, I like having 2 pillows. I'm the type of guy that rotates a lot during sleep.
  5. @Shagger definitely got the answer.
  6. Gotta admit... they made a mess. What are they trying to represent through these pieces?
  7. Fortunately, the game is still here and still gets big updates. They even had a Formula 1 update which was cool!
  8. I never liked Discord's new logo. Since Zencha left his own company, the social platform has gone a little bit down. What are the logos that you most hate?
  9. One year since I'm here! Woohoo!

  10. I didn't know that @DC has such a childish voice :))
  11. There is a part on Cuphead, where it shows you what keys you need to use, but just don't manage to pass at first. I knew that this is a hard game, but come on, Andrei can't even do the tutorial? I had a massive experience with it mixed on fun, but also a little bit rage... and I don't usually do that.
  12. The variety of games that you can find today, are mostly family friendly and can actually make a child learn something. I'll just remove the violence and deep horror genre, and that will be it.
  13. I just think that if you're a master at every game, you can get bored easily. For example: What's the point of playing with friends if I always beat them?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZaQjncSPDDly0W_e1sa0VQ I was searching for VGR's official YouTube channel and found this. Why is it using the community's logo and name?
  15. Same answer as you. This place is more quiet and I like how we all have something in common.
  16. Hi, Kokushibo! Welcome aboard!!
  17. Mostly, acquaintances. My friends and family already know how I am.
  18. Probably text. Sometimes, I just don't feel like talking, and I just text them. Even tho, they don't like the idea of texting over calling, they accept and start chatting with me. >:)
  19. I can make people feel good, but annoy them at the same time.
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