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  1. I heard that Safari has been doing some shit.
  2. Retro games will still be there, so we can see the evolution.
  3. Rarely, I use G2A. It's the only site I can really trust.
  4. Welcome, Jason! Hope you'll have a great time here!
  5. Thanks to Origin and Steam for bringing me all the joy through this hard year!
  6. It just depends on the game. If it's cool, I abandon every game that I play, and try it instead.
  7. You can play the game on mobile using Puffin Web Browser, but the game is dead because of Flash now.
  8. My dog likes to relax a lot... like A LOT. When he wakes up, he eats and then he stays and watches the sun.
  9. I would like this so bad to get back in stock... https://www.grindstore.com/products/the-witcher-open-world-maxi-poster-966691.html
  10. They need to play as much as they gain enough information and ideas for a very good review.
  11. I had Ratchet and Clank 3, back when I had my PS2 and I, actually, enjoyed it.
  12. I don't know, the pizza actually tasted good with pineapples.
  13. I used to play Resident Evil 4. I loved the story...
  14. I actually Battle Royale, but playing it after a while, you get very bored of it. They should update it.
  15. Exactly!!! And they wonder later, why their games have so many bad reviews...
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