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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to skyfire in Help with my stream ?   
    Always remember what are you offering people. Most of the gamers and streamers they forget what they are offering. They think randomly urinating their thoughts on web and social media and trying to be cool among woke kids means they deserve follow and also get donations. Yeah people are waking up to the fact how much fake the streamers and the gamers are so they won't be chasing much of gamers like that. Create groups and community around yourself. You can get monetized too but people can't trust you if your delivery value is nothing. 
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Shagger in Help with my stream ?   
    This response here was not in jest. Just by putting some silly disclaimer at the beginning asking for it not to be read seriously does not make it joke.
    Not only did I read and understand your post, I read an understood all three of them. Don't insult me by suggesting I don't get it, especially when it's this simple. You have a twitch channel you want to promote, and like I said, that is totally fine ( @DCmaybe we should have a section for SSP?). My issue was with how you did.
    With barely 20 posts your name at the time of posting them you feel you have the right to not only push your social media, but also question people for you obviously flawed methods in doing so? After such a small contribution, you feel so entitled that you not only do this in the first place,  but you actually call me out for questioning you? There are more words in my TLOU2 review on this forum than there is in your entire post history.
    I was never gonna watch your twitch channel anyway, and that is genuinely is nothing against you. Watching people play games on stream just isn't my thing, but throwing it in everyone's face the way you did was disrespectful, selfish and blatant. I don't have the right to say you can't promote your twitch channel, and I confess I may have been a little strong worded in original response, but that doesn't take right away my right to advise you did it wrong, which is clearly true. You can take advice or leave it. But whatever, don't heed my advice. Go on other gaming forums and communities spamming multiple threads after barely making a contribution pushing your twitch channel, see how it works out.
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Shagger in Help with my stream ?   
    All you really did was promote your twitch channel in the end. It's innocent, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do these kinds of things. Find the right section of the forum, say your own version of "Here's my twitch channel, check it out if you want" and most importantly, only post it once. 
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to DC in Help with my stream ?   
    You can have 1 singular thread, it's ok. I deleted your duplicates. Good luck with your streaming quest 🙂
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    Rebel-scum8298 got a reaction from DC in Help with my stream ?   
    I can dig it!!!! Like I said I'm new to this forum so still getting used to the inns and outs. Of my offering my services for the exact services im asking for is desperate spam then all apologies but as of right this second I'm laughing my ass off. 
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to AndreiMirfi in Help with my stream ?   
    I know. I just saw your post and sent my opinion.
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Shagger in Help with my stream ?   
    You're close to becoming an affiliate? Well this conduct would be more applicable to an individual desperate for attention and unwilling to contribute, unlike a Twitch affiliate. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pissed. We owe you nothing. Wanna promote your twitch channel, fine, but spamming a forum like a depressed loon desperate for attention with the same topic at least twice weakens your case not only for twitch, but you cause for even being here. We don't sub, you don't care, clearly. It's spam, It's annoying and that is why everyone is ignoring it.
    If all want out of this forum is twitch subs, then don't be here.
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to AndreiMirfi in Help with my stream ?   
    I have the same answer as @Shagger.
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to skyfire in SEKIRO fucked up jumpy graphics??!!??!!??   
    If your youtube channel is new, I suggest making guides for specific game or something like do X Y for level this and that type. If your channel is new and has less than 1K subs I think going live all the time does not work the same way it does work on twitch. 
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Kaynil in Share Play   
    Do you guys actually do parties and use functions like Share Play?

    I tried it a little with a friend and it has come in handy. the only downside, although I figure is by design, is that it creates copies in the menu to start the games you see someone else share with you, regardless if you own them already or not. if you don't own them they'd have a lock.

    If you guys use share play, what kind of games do you usually use it with?

    In share, it is also possible to pass the controller, as a host , have you let a guest get the controller?
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to The Blackangel in So the PS5 IS going to be backwards compatible with PS1/PS2 and PS3... Sort of   
    I think it's a good idea, in theory. But in all honesty, with the exception of classic gamers, who really plays PS1/PS2PS3 games anymore? The few that have been remastered are an exception to this question. I don't see it being beneficial in any way with the exception of us classic gamers. There are very few people who even know what the game DarkStone is. And in all honesty how many really remember The Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver? As much as I hate to admit it, it's a wasted effort.
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Shagger in NINJA PLEASE...something all sword combat games got WRONG (fighting games got it correct) why dont they have SLAMS in Nioh/Sekiro/Tsushima???   
    I'm sorry @GUERILLA, but the way you format your posts makes them far too difficult to read. I've tried three times now to read your post, and I'm still not completely sure what it is you're trying to say. Reading that is feels like having the entire bushido code shouted at you without pause and with no chance to absorb it in between kata's. Paragraphs are friends, sentences are good. I have little doubt what you say makes sense, but can you please consider better presentation in the future?
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    Rebel-scum8298 got a reaction from Crazycrab in SEKIRO fucked up jumpy graphics??!!??!!??   
    @Crazycrab yeah it most definitely is like assassins IN A WAY LOL l😁 but its like souls in ways to but the stealth action and wanting to fight solo is definitely a factor.
    i mean the game is just so hard to explain honestly . if u liked that video come watch my stream honestly and im not trying to selflessly promote im not a paid player or anything i just dont know how else to show ya how it is 
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Crazycrab in SEKIRO fucked up jumpy graphics??!!??!!??   
    I admit I don't have much experience with "Souls" type games... except for Deamon's Souls which I hated.  This gameplay actully seems to resemble something like Assassins Creed which is a gameplay style I much prefer over the much slower "Souls" style.
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Shagger in SEKIRO fucked up jumpy graphics??!!??!!??   
    OK. I wasn't expecting that. This looks FANTASTIC!
    Like I said, I haven't played Sekiro, but after seeing that,  I'm gonna! That looks about as far away from a "Souls" game as I've seen outside an RPS of shooter game. It's fast,  quick-kill combat. If it feels "jerky", I imagine it's because this is very un-souls like. The movement is swift, immediate and significant. This makes Demon Souls looks like it's paused. I can't believe these two games were made by the same people. If someone is huge fan of Soul's, I totally get why they wouldn't like this or, at the very least, have it feel a little odd, but IMO it's all for the right reasons.
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Crazycrab in SEKIRO fucked up jumpy graphics??!!??!!??   
    Grammar and sentence structure is a thing that exists and I was taught in school.  I've read through your post several times and I can barely tell what the fuck your talking about and it's becoming more and more common.  Is it just not taught anymore?
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Shagger in SEKIRO fucked up jumpy graphics??!!??!!??   
    Well, and I say this with all due respect, the way the your post was written made it difficult for me gauge the tone. @Crazycrab has a point. Try taking a bit more time to punctuate and structure to make posts easier read in the future. (EDIT: Just to be clear, I didn't see the most recent post from you before posting this.)
    Back to the point. No, I haven't played Sekiro, so I wouldn't know, but Souls style games tend to have a kind of methodical combat pace, but that can feel slow and trapped. Could why I tend not to like most of them. I prefer more immediate, time based parry and strategy, but that's just me. I'd like to see what video you want to show, but I doubt there's a framerate and/or other kind of technical issue with the game that makes it hard to play, this would be a well documented problem if that were the case.
    Is your friend playing on PC or console? Bad software set up or a PC that simply isn't up to snuff might explain the issue he seems to describe. Still, let's see the vid' and if you think it'ss help the point.
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    Rebel-scum8298 reacted to Shagger in SEKIRO fucked up jumpy graphics??!!??!!??   
    Cool down. There is no game out there that is made for everyone. For reasons I'll keep to myself for now, I hate the Demon Souls, absolutely loathe it, but does that it make a bad game? I could make a very strong case that it is, but in the end it just wasn't a game that was made for me to enjoy, just isn't my thing. It's disappointing your friend didn't enjoy it, but his opinions are valid your and it's fair to ask you respect them, even if you don't agree with them.
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