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  1. Runescape has been around since 2001, though there has been a new Runescape in recent years, it's still relatively the same game and experience, with some new additions here and there. With that being said, how is this game still so popular? I remember when I was 11 or 12, playing this game for the first time. Never did I expect it to last until this point and time. I think the original version is still played by people to this day. I stopped playing it when I was around 14 or 15. Just didn't see the appeal in it and peaced out. But I know people who have played it as recently as months ago. Who here still plays it? Is it worth playing?
  2. I know the main one is probably Super Mario, the series has expanded out to many different genres, from Mario Kart, to Mario Tennis, Soccer, the Olympics even. Plus Mario Party, Paper Mario, Super Smash Brothers, Yoshi's Island, Toadstool games, etc. What other franchises are known to put out various spin-offs? Sonic has some spin-offs, no pun intended. What are some other franchises you know of that has done various kinds of spin-offs?
  3. CLeM was just released yesterday on PC (via Steam) and looks to be a decent little point and click game with a lot of puzzles. They are calling the game a "Puzzlevania" due to the amount of puzzles in the game. You play as a stuffed sack thing, that looks somewhat similar to Sack Boy from LittleBigPlanet. The purpose is to complete puzzles and to complete tasks for a little girl, likely the toys owner. The game is developed by Mango Protocol. I haven't played anything they've made, but this looks like it'd be a bit of relaxing fun.
  4. There is a new turn-based tactics/strategy game called Classified: France '44 coming out this March. It looks similar to games like Company of Heroes, and any other strategy game with a war theme. It will release for the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It's also developed by Team17, who has developed a lot of the Worms games, The Escapists and the Overcooked franchise. So they're pretty well known for the strategy genre. Anyway, is this something you'd get on release? ill
  5. Source - https://gamerant.com/uncharted-1-remake-ps5-drakes-fortune/ It's being rumored that there is an Uncharted: Drake's Fortune remake on the way, and it could be coming out for the PS5. Now this is just rumor, as the rumor came from the team at Xbox Era podcast, stating they heard a remake was pitched, and it was strongly considered by Sony. This of course brings us to Naughty Dog, and Neil Druckmann, who has been quoted saying that they are done with the Uncharted series as they want to focus on something new. So that either means a remake is likely not happening, or they are dropping it off to a smaller studio to take on, which has happened with some remakes in the past. What do you think though? Would you welcome a remake of the original game? If Naughty Dog doesn't develop, who do you think could? Bluepoint did the work on The Nathan Drake Collection, so maybe they can be tasked with a remake? You can read about Naughty Dog being done with Uncharted here - The link to the article doesn't work anymore, but I was able to find another site that had the news - https://ftw.usatoday.com/2023/01/new-uncharted-games-not-happening-naughty-dog-says
  6. Judas is a new narrative driven first person shooter made from the creator of Bioshock, Ken Levine and his studio Ghost Story Games. You can see the new trailer below, looks very similar to Bioshock, even similar in terms of characters and gameplay. This looks like a spiritual successor to Bioshock if anything.
  7. Source - https://mp1st.com/news/instinction-alpha-test-begins-june-2024-dinosaur-count-new-story-details-and-more-revealed There is a new Dinosaur action adventure game coming soon, with a Alpha test beginning in June of 2024 for those who have pre-ordered the Supporter Edition. The game is called Instinction, and in it, you take control of an ecologist who has to cope with the realities of being in this new world. I hear it was heavily inspired by Dyno Crisis, which makes sense. Is this something you'd be into checking out?
  8. Has anyone here played the original release of Pecaminosa? It has been out on Steam since May of 2021, but is now getting a definitive edition called Pecaminosa - A Deadly Hand, which is an updated version of the game. The updated version will be added to the Switch and Steam, and if you already own the game on those platforms, you can get an upgrade to the new game. It will be dropping for the first time on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. This new version will release on Feb 28th 2024. It will also come with the base game and its free La Soirée DLC epilogue. More on this news can be found here - https://rpgamer.com/2024/02/pecaminosa-a-deadly-hand-definitive-edition-release-announced/
  9. Moonshot is an upcoming sci-fi co-op survival space tycoon. The object of the game looks to be building basses on the moon and surviving with some friends. It has a planned release in 2025, so it's a bit of a ways off yet. It doesn't look like a whole lot, but I hope to see it more fleshed out by the time the official release comes around.
  10. This is an odd one, Indika is an upcoming third person adventure game that combines exploration & puzzles with some platforming action. You take the role of nun who happens to be going on a journey to find herself, but on this journey she is joined by the devil himself. The trailer makes no sense to me honestly, looks like a hell of a ride. Check it out below. Oh, and you can play the demo on Steam from the 5th to the 12th. Steam Page - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1373960/INDIKA/
  11. Who remembers playing the original Draw Rider game? I remember playing a knockoff called Free Rider HD not too long ago, it was similar in style and gameplay. But I swear I also played the original Draw Rider at some point. I didn't even know they did a Draw Rider Remake that dropped on Steam last year and is out now on Xbox. The remake of it looks pretty good, and it's only going for $5 on Xbox. Steam still has it priced at $20 though. Oh, I remember the original game I played, it was Line Rider. I remember playing it in high school. But I did also play Free Rider HD at some point.
  12. I'm sure we've all used our share of third party controllers and peripherals for your consoles. I had my share of madcatz controllers, and some other off brand kinds that I've mostly forgotten. I remember always having issues with MadCatz controllers back in the day, but I haven't used anything they've made in probably over 20 years now. I haven't touched any of their new line of peripherals. Anyway, I want to know what the good third party peripherals are. Like the Razers of the world. I like what PowerA does with their third party controllers for example. I own their Fusion Pro wired controller. It's a somewhat cheaper alternative to other pro controllers. I purchased two of them, they were originally priced $80, but I think the version I have (For Xbox One), is much cheaper now. But the beauty of these controllers is I've never had one issue with stick drift and I've used both controllers for years on end already. Most of the Microsoft made Xbox 360, and Xbox One controllers broke down on me over time, but these controllers have stayed strong. The only downsides I've found is that the pro aspect of it isn't that great. It comes with extra buttons and all that fun stuff, but I rarely bothered to use those. As well, one other problem is that it's a wired controller. It is detachable, but has no battery or anything like that. And the analog sticks are made of cheaper material so they started to fall apart. But I got some replacements on Amazon for cheap that have been doing just fine. Aside from that. I've used PDP controllers too, which are cheaper alternatives, but made a lot more cheaply. If you want a quick cheap controller, they aren't bad, but their controllers don't last super long. So, are there some third party peripherals that you prefer over the original devices?
  13. I just bought this Family Feud game at a local dollar store, that is a mix of board game and mobile game. You can download an app to buzz your answers in. I know there are other party style games like this that will combine a board game with a mobile app. I'm looking for more of these style of games. Ones that work as board games, but also utilize mobile in order to make sure more people can play along. I saw a wheel of fortune game at the same store, but didn't feel like spending anymore. If this Family Feud games turns out to be good, I might pick some more games like it up. We'll see. Would you happen to have any suggestions for any mobile/board game style party games?
  14. I'm sure you've all seen the recent news and videos showing off the new Apple Vision Pro, Apple's answer to AR/VR headsets. The device looks awesome, from what I've seen, it works really well for what it is. But for $3499, I don't think it's for me. This is definitely for those people who can afford to splurge a bit. This thing is not a need but a want for most people. I think the AR features are cool and I would love a device that does that. I want to get my hands on a Meta Quest 3 instead, as that's a lot more affordable than this. But, has anyone here had any time to play around with one? Maybe you have an Apple store near you, and can test it out. I don't know if I have an apple store near me, I think the only thing we have an an AT&T store or something. Anyway, who here has tried it? Did you like it?
  15. I did not see this coming, but there are rumors going around the gaming world saying that Xbox Games may be going multiplatform soon. With the possibility of "All" Xbox games possibly going multiplatform. It's being reported as well, that some Bethesda games will be dropping on the PS5, this includes the new Indiana Jones game that was recently announced. So far, here are the list of rumored games to be going multiplatform if this all turns out to be true: Starfield Hi-Fi Rush Sea of Thieves Indiana Jones and The Great Circle Doom Year Zero Microsoft Flight Simulator Halo Infinite Pentiment Grounded It sounds like it could be some games, or possibly all Xbox games down the line. How that will work out, I have no clue. I could see them doing a GamePass like service on PS5 and other consoles. Didn't Nintendo work with Xbox to get Xbox Live on the Switch? For games like Minecraft. Read more about this news here - https://gamerant.com/xbox-exclusive-games-multiplatform-playstation-ps5-rumor/
  16. Remember those sports games, like Backyard Football, Backyard Baseball, Basketball, etc. Well it looks like retired NFL player Jason Kelce is interested in reviving the franchise for a new generation. I don't know if anyone here was a fan of those games. I think I only played the Football game, but never really got into it. But, it was a series more directed towards children. And hey, I'm all for them bringing it back if it turns out to be good. Would you be into a revival of this game? Read more about this news here - https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/offbeat/jason-kelce-admits-plan-to-revive-nostalgic-video-game-franchise/ar-BB1hGBf3
  17. Don't Be Afraid 2 is an upcoming horror escape room style game from Eneida Games and Cat-astrophe Games. The first game was well received, and if the new game is anything like it, I bet fans of the first will enjoy this. The game evolves around escape rooms, where the player will need to solve puzzles in order to escape. The trailer below doesn't show much, but from what I hear, it will continue off where the first game left off. Who here has played the first game? Are you ready to get your hands on this one? You can Wishlist it here on Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2631880/Dont_Be_Afraid_2/
  18. There's a new Stranger Things video game coming, and it's an exclusive VR game for the Meta Quest releasing the 22nd of this month. It was revealed months ago, but I guess I completely missed it, as I had no idea it was happening. It'll run you back a $30 bill. It looks pretty decent, but instead of the main characters, it looks like you play the baddie. Check out the early trailer below. And you can view the game on Meta here - https://www.meta.com/experiences/7803243026376133/
  19. The Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater remake is coming soon from Konami, but the big concern I have is how Konami has had a iffy track record the last few years, or at least since Kojima left. I have a fear that Delta is going to be a let down or it's not going to live up to the hype. The game looks great, but is there any worry that Konami could blow this? The fact that Kojima isn't involved one bit, could mean Konami taking liberties and changing whatever they want. Do you have any worries about the MGS 3 remake? Or do you have faith that Konami is going to produce an awesome remake?
  20. Source - https://www.gamesindustry.biz/report-95-of-studios-are-working-on-or-aim-to-release-a-live-service-game Not good news if true. It's being reported that 95% of video game studios are working on live service games with others showing interest in it. Live service is a genre I am iffy about. I don't mind Fortnite, but I don't want every new game to be a live service game. I already have a sour taste in my moth from the recent Suicide Squad game, and I haven't even played it yet. What do you think about live service games coming out more often? Are you worried it's going to hurt gaming?
  21. Are there times where you subscribe for a month of Xbox Game Pass or PS plus and don't bother to download and play many games? I find I do this sometimes when I get gamepass ultimate through Xbox. I will play a bit, and then go days or even a couple weeks not using the service. I know we can't be expected to game all the time, but there have been times where I would play a week tops and then forget I had gamepass the whole month, or I'm just not in the mood to game. Ever experience this?
  22. I didn't expect an Until Dawn remake, but I am certainly not against it. I guess the remake is going to release side-by-side the upcoming live action movie based on the hit game. This version will also release on PC, which to my knowledge, the first game only released on PS4. There is currently no official release date, but I assume sometime in 2024. More on this news here - https://www.polygon.com/24057372/until-dawn-remaster-sony-state-of-play-january-2024
  23. Netflix has slowly been jumping into the video game industry. They already have 88 games on their platform for their subscribers to play at no additional cost. And it's being said that they are working on video games based on their hit programs, like Squid Game, Virgin River and Rebel Moon. I've seen Squid Game, and heard of Rebel Moon, but have not heard of Virgin River. Not only that, but Netflix will be adding more third party games to their platform, like Braid Anniversary Edition, Hades, Katana Zero, Sonic Mania Plus, and more. You can read more about these games here: https://variety.com/2024/gaming/news/netflix-video-games-upcoming-squid-game-1235893239/
  24. Miniland Adventure is a popular game that came out last April for PC via Steam, but now it looks like it's finally releasing for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch. It's got good reviews on Steam so far. The game dropped on consoles yesterday. Who here has played it? It reminds me a lot of games like Stardew Valley and Terraria. Especially with the top down view and gameplay. But in this game, it looks like you have more control where you can build just about anything, do what you want, etc.
  25. It isn't much, but it sounds like the game's name will be Physint and it will see Kojima back to his roots making another action espionage game. He hasn't worked in the genre since Konami fired him back after MGSV. From the way they talk in this video, it sounds like it's going to be a hybrid movie/game. Then again Kojima is known for making more cinematic style video games, often with a ton of cutscenes. I wonder what he has in store for us.
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