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  1. I used to play the hell out of the UFC games by THQ. I think I had the first two, and rented the third at some point. I really enjoyed the gameplay and how good the controls were. Then when THQ closed down, we ended up getting UFC titles by EA. EA has produced MMA games, but I don't think they had the license for UFC until after THQ. Anyway, I loved the Undisputed UFC games. I could never really get into the EA UFC games though. What would you say your favorite franchises are? Is it the THQ games from the early 2010s? Or is it EA's UFC franchise that started in 2014? I always go with UFC Undisputed, it's one of my favorite MMA games and I don't think I could stick with the EA games as much as the Undisputed series. What do you think?
  2. Things have been cleared up a bit thanks to the Xbox podcast that just dropped. I know there was a lot of worry about Xbox skipping out on hardware and putting their content on other platforms. And while it is somewhat true, Phil Spencer announced there will only be four games coming to other consoles, and it sounds like they're currently being worked on, so nothing that recently came out. Phil was asked about if that includes Starfield and the upcoming Indiana Jones game, but those will be staying exclusive to the Xbox brand. My guess is that they will allow the next Call of Duty, maybe Elder Scrolls. But what could the other two games be? Phil Spencer said two of them will be smaller and more community driven games, so maybe something multiplatform, has cross play. Game pass is staying on Xbox as well, not moving to other platforms. They also briefly discuss hardware and the future. They mention they have plans to reveal some hardware news the next holiday season, and even mention next gen hardware is in the works. You can watch the full podcast below. The news isn't as bad as I was expecting. Were you worried they were going to stop making consoles?
  3. Project Hornet was just revealed not too long ago, it's being coined a PvE Co-Op tactical shooter. The trailer below doesn't show much, but what I do like about it, is how it sort of looks real. It reminds me a lot of the Unrecord trailer, that looked almost too realistic at times. This on the other hand isn't nearly as good looking, but there are moments where it looks like it could be a recording on a VHS camera or something. It's set in a nuclear wasteland, which happens to be overrun by something paranormal. Check the trailer below and let me know what you think. Oh, and this game is being done by a new team called Antistatic Studios, supposedly they have developers who have worked on Cyberpunk 2077, BioShock, Borderlands, and Conan Exiles. So that's cool. I'm kind of interested in checking this one out.
  4. Check out The Inquisitor, a new dark fantasy style adventure game, where you play an Inquisitor who is responsible for investigating crimes and secrets. The interesting thing about it, is that in this scenario, Jesus did not die on the cross, and instead he unleashed vengeance on all who don't believe in him. I thought that was an interesting concept. Like, what if Jesus lived and wanted revenge or control. The only concern I have, is the character models look awful, and their animations look bad too. But otherwise I'm kind of tempted to check it out. It's out now for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.
  5. This looks really good. A new third-person action adventure game where you must explore an alien planet. It's a direct sequel to the 1999 video game Outcast, which itself had a remake called Outcast: Second Contact. I have not played either version, but I am intrigued to check them out. They look like a lot of fun. Anyway, who here is interested in this sequel? It will release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5.
  6. Found an article that discusses some of the cancelled video games sequels we never got. Games like Silent Hills, Fable Legends, and Fez 2 are mentioned. I remember Fez 2 was supposed to happen, but the developer couldn't take criticism or something and decided to never make a follow-up. Wasn't the game nearly finished too? I can't think of any video game sequels that never happened that I did end up wanting. Wasn't there supposed to be another Syphon Filter, but that was cancelled? You can check the article here for the full list - https://wealthofgeeks.com/canceled-video-game-sequels/ Any game sequels missing from the list?
  7. This looks very heavily inspired by the likes of Metroid. It is a Metroidvania style game, but looks very similar in style and gameplay. The enemies even look similar in some ways. I can see myself checking this game out one of these days. Looks to be dropping for the Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam) on March 14th.
  8. This looks really cool, I'm getting like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Bulletstorm vibes from the gameplay, and maybe with a hint of Doom. I really like the art style along with the music. Which is why I was reminded a lot of Blood Dragon. Maybe more so with the neon glow of things. This is another game that released a demo recently on Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2111190/MULLET_MAD_JACK/
  9. I wish I had a PS VR or a VR headset period. This looks like a lot of fun, kind of reminds me of Mirror's Edge, but in VR. Speaking of, they should make a Mirror's Edge VR game if they haven't already. Anyway, back to the subject. This game is releasing for the PS VR2, but there is currently no release date. Though you can wish-list it on the PlayStation store here - https://store.playstation.com/en-us/concept/10008454
  10. Are there any games that you remember loving as a kid, but then as you got older, you either lost interest in it or just can't stand it anymore. I think for me, it's more to do with fighting games in general. These days I'm not too heavily into fighting games, though I will play some from time to time. But, back when I was a kid I was really into them. I loved learning the special moves and fatalities in the first Mortal Kombat, and played my fair share of the Street Fighter games. But now days I can't get into them, maybe I don't have the patience to learn them. What about you though? Are there any games you grew up with that you can't stand to play anymore? I still play wrestling games, but even those I'm losing interest in.
  11. Has anyone heard of this? It's one of those narrative adventure games where the story is the main focus. The cool thing about this one, is the graphics make it look to be in claymation. I don't think it's real Claymation or if they made the characters in the style of it, but it's pleasing to see in a video game format. It looks to be coming out for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S & PC.
  12. This looks pretty interesting. From what I can tell, you have to use one single bullet to take out a group of enemies. It kind of reminds me of Hitman's Sniper Challenge, but where you can only use one bullet. Instead, you have to plan out who to take out first in order to then control your bullet to target other enemies. It's kind of nifty how they do it. I hope it plays well. Also, it's developed by Devolver Digital and has no official release date as of this moment. But you can play the demo on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1309950/Children_of_the_Sun/
  13. With physical games likely dying with the next generation of consoles or even sooner than that, do you think that it could result in more digital sales in the future? With physical gone, that means the attention will go to digital distribution, but with that, I hope they do more sales on digital games. Do you think that could happen? Or are we going to see no changes to the way digital sales go?
  14. Has anyone played this game yet? It's a new online 4v4 third person shooter where you use foam to help you move faster through the environment. I also believe you can use the foam as an obstacle for opponents. It's heavily inspired by Splatoon, but instead of having to cover the whole area with paint, you instead spray foam. The foam doesn't give you any points if you cover the whole area, but it gives you more speed from what I'm seeing. It's got other modes like PVP & PVE modes. It also looks to be exclusive to the PS4 and PS5 right now, and it looks like it has a lot of elements of live service, so expect this to probably die out in a few months unless it somehow picks up fans.
  15. The new Tomb Raider I-III Remastered is coming out tomorrow, and it made me wonder about other classic PS1 titles that should get the remaster treatment. This new Tomb Raider remastered set changes some things, mainly the graphics, but other than that, I believe the controls are as they were back on the PS1. Anyway, I was curious, are there any PS1 classics you'd like to see get the remaster treatment next? I would love to see the Syphon Filter series get a remastered set, maybe Dyno Crisis, Ape Escape, Tenchu 1 & 2, Einhander (I'd love this one specifically), Driver 1 & 2, Silent Hill, and more. What PS1 games would you like to see remastered like the Tomb Raider trilogy?
  16. Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is a new action RPG that dropped today. I'm seeing it's getting some decent reviews. I see DON'T NOD are the ones who developed it, and I like what they've done in the past, especially with Life is Strange. I played a bit of Tell Me Why and just finished Jusant a month or two ago. And in traditional DON'T NOD style, the choices you make will have an impact on the story.
  17. Has anyone been dealing with this? I recently deleted a bunch of games to make room for a game from gamepass. I went to download the game and it encountered an error where it wouldn't download, but it kept saying download. I made sure to cancel in the EA app and it seemed to be fine, but the Xbox App was bricked up and wouldn't let me download the game. So I closed out of the Xbox app and reloaded it, this time it gets stuck at the Xbox logo. I tried just about everything; Deleted app, reinstalled, moved it do a different drive and did other steps, nothing. And then I decided to check the reviews for the app and a lot of the reviews are saying they are having similar issues. Here I thought this was just an issue with my PC and I was getting worried I'd have to re-install windows to get Xbox to work again. Thankfully I found the fix in the reviews, and I figured I'd share it here if anyone is dealing with the same issue, as it seems to be affecting a lot of people after the recent update. This was the review that solved the issue:
  18. I remember hearing years ago about how some people would put down the initial $5 to put in a pre-order at GameStop, and completely forget they had said pre-order in. I heard it resulted in them making a lot of money because GameStop assumed they weren't going to see those pre-orders happen. So they got to keep the $5 from all of these no-show pre-orders. I wish I could find the article, or story it was mentioned in. But I know it was something about how many pre-orders they have in that are forgotten. It also makes me wonder if some people put in more than the $5. I imagine they have rules that if you don't complete the pre-order they can eventually keep it, even if you put in more than $5. I think it'd be better if they put that money in as store credit instead of keeping it. Considering that money was supposed to go towards a game, so if they forget to complete the pre-order and if they have an account, it should be put in as credit. Or if they don't have an account, then they can place the money on hold for a certain period than keep it if it's never claimed. Anyway, have you ever put money down at GameStop or other stores and forget about it? I don't think I ever put money down for a pre-order and forgot, I'm the type who doesn't like to pre-order to begin with. I don't see a point in doing it. If I want it, I'll buy it when it releases. But I know some people like to pre-order stuff. Then again, pre-ordering might be a thing of the past if video games and other media go completely digital. Which I think is the direction we're heading unfortunately.
  19. I think we've all dealt with bad people while gaming. Whether it be a person you killed in a game, or just an annoying jerk who is saying offensive things in chat that you're against. Have you ever dealt with gamers who wouldn't leave you alone to the point it becomes harassment? I've had my share of spats in online games, but none of them have ever resulted in prolonged harassment, but I know it happens all over the web, not just in gaming. If you've ever deal with someone who continues to bully and harrass you, what do you do? What I usually do is block, mute and if they were really awful, report them and move on. But I was lucky and never did deal with prolonged harassment from those I had issues with. Like them creating new accounts to keep attacking you, or finding you through social media. Etc. Have you dealt with anything like this?
  20. Amazon Luna is something I don't often hear mentioned. I saw it was mentioned in an article for an upcoming game and I was immediately brought back to Google Stadia and how forgotten that was. I know Luna is much more popular, but it doesn't feel like it when I don't hear anything about it these days. Is it still used fairly often? Is Amazon producing their own games for the platform? From what I see, it's mostly games already available on other platforms, or mobile style games. I'm sure down the road it'll become more popular. Maybe once streaming fully takes off, but I think that's going to be a ways off. Do you think Luna can stick around longer than what Stadia was able to stick around for?
  21. This looks like a lot of fun. it's a twin stick shooter where you play as officer named John Mustache, and you must go deep into hell to battle hoardes of enemies all the while you collect loot, upgrade weapons, and fight bosses. It's been on steam since July 2016, but it looks to be dropping on the Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One today. Has anyone here played the original on PC? How is it?
  22. Do you think at some point all games will go the VR route? Or do you think most games will find a way to support VR in some way? I think it'd be cool if all games worked in VR right away. It doesnt mean they have to work with VR controls, but to be able to play most games in VR would be a nice addition. There are modders who are making it possible to play not VR games in VR, so it doesn't sound impossible. What do you think?
  23. Rocksteady is a highly respected development team, but I really think it's time to give the Batman IP to another studio going forward. The new suicide squad game looks like it's going to turn out to be a failure, much like that Avengers live service game. I don't see this game having any staying power. I love the Arkham games too, but even with those games, Rocksteady never really changed much. The controls and combat was usually always the same in each game. Hell even boss fights were similar in most of the games. But I think Suicide Squad has officially killed it. I haven't played it yet, but I assume the live service aspect of it is going to push people away. I'd rather have a 4 player co-op game where you play a story like in the Arkham games, but this live service stuff is only going to see it fall faster. I think it's time to let Rocksteady do other things, and give Batman or any DC properties to someone else.
  24. If you're a fan of Subnautica, then you will probably be happy to hear that Subnautica 2 is expected to release sometime in 2025. It's being said it will come with a single player mode and a 4 player co-op mode. Not much is currently known on the game, but you can find this news here: https://www.gamewatcher.com/news/Subnautica-2-release-date-everything-we-know The original post got the date wrong, mentioned 2024, but it has been updated to include a note from the dev team about it's official release, which is said to be sometime in 2025. Who played the first game and enjoyed it? Are you psyched for it?
  25. Out of each PlayStation console, what do you consider to be the best based on design and looks? I think the PS1 has a lot of character, plus I think it's part nostalgia. I think the PS2 looked lazy on the other hand. Just this sharp, black box with a DVD drive. It still like the design, just looked lazy to me. The early PS3 wasn't that appealing to me, I think I preferred the later models that came out with the newer font. The PS4 I thought looked decent enough, but the PS5 can never not look like a giant modem or WiFi router. Anyway, out of all the PlayStation console, which one looks the best to you?
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