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  1. I like both Offline and Online but i really like to play all the game on COD. I had finish almost the version on COD.
  2. Yes, sometimes i'm basingthe game on the trailer. I want to know how the graphics and the story of the game was all about.
  3. I probably choose PS2 . I really love to play Tony Hawk on that console.
  4. I have played Dragon Ball: Kakarot on my PS4. I haven't yet finish the story line and still a long way to go. I hope i can finish it this month.
  5. My favorite game on PS4 is NBA 2k20 .. I play together with my friends.
  6. Dota 2 i would like to have a offline mode on the game for me to practice more and both of my enemy and teamates are bots. Incase internet is down i can also play in offline mode.
  7. In Dota2 I'm always a fan of OG the two time TI Champion. This team have very competitive and the teamwork are great. This time is my favorite esport team so far.
  8. I currenly have 3 1 for my PC and 2 for my PS4. I have also a 1 spare for PS4. So a total of 4 controllers
  9. I have played Dota2. It was this game is the one i play always .
  10. I just got my PS4 last year and right now when ps5 release i would like to own one also. I'm a PC addict and currently building my own rig also.I'm planning to fill my room with all the gaming stuffs.
  11. Sometimes when i got bored on playing games i usually watch Youtube or Listening music on Spotify. Taking a short break and have a power nap after i gotta go play again.
  12. We NBA 2k20 played on my console too much. Not just the disc are ruined but also the joystick on the controller 😞
  13. Let me get this a try. I love to play RPG games 🙂How many players right now the servers ?
  14. i always like to play NBA every year when 2k releases new version of the game i always want to got it. And second to that is the FIFA.
  15. Yes, specially that the screen size of the device is very wide i can see clearly the game that i'm playing but the only thing problem is the battery.
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