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  1. I like both Offline and Online but i really like to play all the game on COD. I had finish almost the version on COD.
  2. Yes, sometimes i'm basingthe game on the trailer. I want to know how the graphics and the story of the game was all about.
  3. I probably choose PS2 . I really love to play Tony Hawk on that console.
  4. I have played Dragon Ball: Kakarot on my PS4. I haven't yet finish the story line and still a long way to go. I hope i can finish it this month.
  5. My favorite game on PS4 is NBA 2k20 .. I play together with my friends.
  6. Dota 2 i would like to have a offline mode on the game for me to practice more and both of my enemy and teamates are bots. Incase internet is down i can also play in offline mode.
  7. In Dota2 I'm always a fan of OG the two time TI Champion. This team have very competitive and the teamwork are great. This time is my favorite esport team so far.
  8. I currenly have 3 1 for my PC and 2 for my PS4. I have also a 1 spare for PS4. So a total of 4 controllers
  9. I have played Dota2. It was this game is the one i play always .
  10. I just got my PS4 last year and right now when ps5 release i would like to own one also. I'm a PC addict and currently building my own rig also.I'm planning to fill my room with all the gaming stuffs.
  11. Sometimes when i got bored on playing games i usually watch Youtube or Listening music on Spotify. Taking a short break and have a power nap after i gotta go play again.
  12. We NBA 2k20 played on my console too much. Not just the disc are ruined but also the joystick on the controller 😞
  13. Let me get this a try. I love to play RPG games 🙂How many players right now the servers ?
  14. i always like to play NBA every year when 2k releases new version of the game i always want to got it. And second to that is the FIFA.
  15. Yes, specially that the screen size of the device is very wide i can see clearly the game that i'm playing but the only thing problem is the battery.
  16. I was dreaming on the game where i was a viking. Maybe just because i love the viking theme gameplay.
  17. Thanks everyone .. See you around.
  18. Back in the days i really love to play this game. I hope guitar hero would release this game again in the future.
  19. Streaming is the most active right now in terms of gaming.but this Digital games is good only if you had a internet faster than lightning. I still prefer the Disc type of PS Console.
  20. Hello Everyone, I'm Felix. I'm a Gamer and also trying to be a streamer. I love to play Strategy Games and RPG Games. Currently I'm playing Dota2 and some games on PS4 Console. Nice to meet Everyone here. See you around.
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