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  1. What are some good obscure games with good sound tracks?
  2. Xolta

    Mod recomendations.

    Do you all have any doom 1 or 2 mods you all recomend, any good ones i may have not heard of? Or mods Mods for any other games you may thing are worth a look see.
  3. I will give you a fallow Empire.
  4. Cant say I have ever imported a game before.
  5. The animated Street fighter 2 movie. Was solid good fun overall. Feels like I should watch more animated video game movies.
  6. Yeah I love mods there so many endless good mods for doom 1 and 2 alone. Moders really keep older games alive and well.
  7. Up until recently the pc was just more pain in the neck comapred to consoles.
  8. Do you stream any video games? If so what games? Do you all have twitch pages? My twitch page https://www.twitch.tv/xolta
  9. I feel like 40 hours is about the right length of a game for me. But I like the game I will put unlimited time into it.
  10. The sonic movie was surprisingly good, Might need to rewatch it again some time soon.
  11. I relay don't see any new competitors in the pure console market any time soon, how ever I feel like companies like apple or amazon may try streaming console like boxes.
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