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  1. Oh I thought this happened years ago.
  2. I feel like 40 hours is about the right length of a game for me. But I like the game I will put unlimited time into it.
  3. The sonic movie was surprisingly good, Might need to rewatch it again some time soon.
  4. I relay don't see any new competitors in the pure console market any time soon, how ever I feel like companies like apple or amazon may try streaming console like boxes.
  5. E.V.O.: Search for Eden Is a super unique side scrolling snes action rpg made by Enix. Haven't played a game that gets its unique tone and mod down right so maybe a modren version could do that for me. Also Primal rage remake by the guys behind mortal kombat x would be cool.
  6. Im 32 now. But some days after work i feel like 100 years old.
  7. Just listened to these 3 songs.
  8. Maybe it has to do with you know the gobal pandemic?
  9. The fact Im not dead yet. That and the need to get shit done.
  10. Pc and switch. I mainly been a nintendo an pc guy most of my life. But I miss when sega made systems.
  11. Heres a quick recommendation list. Dusk Roller coaster tycoon 2 Hat in time Warcarft 3 Daiblo 2
  12. Right now Im mostly playing Dead space 1 for my first time ever. So far its a solid game. But I wish there was less jump scares. The game reminds me alot of the 1999 movie Virus and also event horizon.
  13. I feel like it will come down to the price of the PS5. But if Rumors about the 4k switch are true who knows.
  14. All The times I have demoed Vr in my life, it has made my motion sickness go into hyper drive. Sorry to say but Vr is not for me unless they can fix that. Also I think Ar is a cooler concept.
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