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  1. I agree with @DC - Crosswordle is ingenious. I also like those Fallout hack puzzles that are in this same vein, which is saying something, since I usually dislike puzzles in video games. I'm also curious what people here think of the "daily" nature of Wordle. For you, is that part of what draws you back time and again--the scarcity?
  2. @Withywarlock For me, The Shivering Isles for Oblivion, as @Crazycrab mentioned, as well as DA: Origins: Awakening, as @m76 pointed out. Both of these beat their base games (which are both great games). Okay, well, I like DA: Origins' companions better than Awakening's, but I find Awakening's plot much more interesting. I'd mention the Citadel DLC for ME3 as well, but I'm not sure I'd call it "better." It is arguably my favourite part of the series, but it clearly builds upon what the base games are all about. Plus, I like ME3 much more than most seem to, including the ending (note that I only ever played the patched version though).
  3. Try making a game reference you think that no one here may recognize, at least from their own gaming experience. I will start: “you are in a maze of twisty little passages all alike.”
  4. What makes devs remove functionality from subsequent games in series? To give two examples: ES Oblivion lets you do custom spells and has tons of conjuration options. Both of these features are gone in Skyrim. In DA: Inquisition, you have way less control over combat than you did back in Origins. Why do series backtrack on things that were clearly good?
  5. Do your pets hang out with you when you game? One of my cats usually does, but the other doesn’t.
  6. How often (if ever) do you buy video games the week they release? What factors go into that decision? For me, it is mostly pricing.
  7. Are there any DLCs you think are better than their base games? What do you think makes them better?
  8. I tend to make piles of manual saves out of concern about bugs, but when manual saving is what's causing bugs ... =D
  9. That's helpful feedback. I'll rely on it as much as I can going forward.
  10. @Shagger @killamch89 The game in question is The Outer Worlds--although it made me realize I did not know the answer in general. I thought it seemed inconsistent between games, but was not sure if this was so or if I was just getting confused.
  11. The funniest and most painful part to me was that it was literally the girlfriend of the person giving me my orders who was reporting the plans =D
  12. The sensitivity controls in my game were useless, but you have given me some great ideas to consider! You also explained exactly why the issue exists, so thank you for both. And indeed, the ergonomic advantage of the controller is why I am trying to use it for this.
  13. How do you feel about games that are hundreds of hours long? I don’t mind it, but I do have to admit that shorter games are often refreshing for me. Epically massive game almost cause something like FOMO in me, where I worry I will just never get to experience everything.
  14. In a lot of RPGs, leveling up speech is super important to get the best results. But doing that as a newbie is awkward, as combat tends to take priority. How far into a game do you usually start focusing on leveling up speech?
  15. For me, the worst instances of metagaming I experienced were: 1-Admin in a game that flat-out cheated in an event. They rest of the team denied it for years, and then fired him for doing it again later. 2-Friend in game was sexually harassed by her in-game girlfriend. Player of said girlfriend turned out to be RL boyfriend of another game admin. He got away with it with game admin's help. 3-I was working super hard for a faction in a game. Turned out head of faction's in-game girlfriend was an alt character of a highly-ranked member of enemy faction. No wonder none of our secret plans ever panned out. She was in on all our meetings =D
  16. Quake III Arena. But I think this is a thing in general. I used to wonder why so many games aimed largely at console players have modes that pause/slow down combat for precision targeting, and I assume this sensitivity limitation is the reason.
  17. I have had seemingly unrelated problems involving freezing on manual saving in both The Outer Worlds and Skyrim on PS5. I have seen some people complaining about similar problems in other games on PS5 as well. Does anyone know if this is a widespread issue on this system? Are these problems related, or coincidental?
  18. I have a weird/silly question about autosaves that I should know the answer to, but don’t. If a game makes an autosave, how long does it keep that autosave? Does it stay until the next autosave writes over it? Or does the game dump it out at some other point of time based on space allocations or some other consideration? Say I have a game where manual saving is causing freezing. Can I just rely on nothing but autosaving until it is over? Or will I randomly lose my progress?
  19. If you put dozens of hours into a game which then has a terminal bug that prevents you from completing it, what do you do next? Immediately reinstall it or install it on another system and start over? Take a long break and then start over? Give up completely?
  20. I think "dissociative issues" is a pretty broad category. In my case, it's more like part of me is frequently "switched off" internally, and also like the world is "far away" or "not real" or on the other side of an invisible glass barrier (this used to give me panic attacks a lot). I also feel like I myself am kind of "transparent"--like I am long-deceased, and existence is a strange, here-but-also-not mystery. These issues are reduced while gaming.
  21. If you are replaying a single player RPG, how do you deal with the issue of metagaming? Do you deliberately alter your choices based on your past playthrough to try and get better outcomes (or just to see different results)? Or do you try to pretend you did not experience the previous outcomes and make decisions based solely on in-character parameters?
  22. What were some of the most over-the-top bizarre, funny or awful metagaming situations you encountered in MMOs?
  23. What are some video game streamers and channels you enjoy that are not very well known?
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