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  1. It must have been GTA Liberty City or GTA Vice City for me, back when I played them on my PSP. I was definitely younger than 10, can't remember my exact age or the exact scene, but all GTA games have plenty of cussing.
  2. I would have said the GTA map when I was younger, but that is basically the States, particulary LA (based off GTA V). Somewhere on the Fortnite map is a shout, a trip to Tilted Towers with the boys would be a good laugh.
  3. I never listen to music whilst I'm gaming, unless it's a part of the game, but I do sometimes put on some background music whilst I'm waiting in a lobby for friends to come online/ready up. I listened to Oh My by Nines a few times recently to pump me up before the game starts.
  4. ARx182


    I know all about toxicity on online games, and to be completely truthful, I've been toxic on games myself - not that I'm proud of it but a bit of toxic banter hasn't ever hurt anyone haha. You'll find out all about toxicity if you play a couple of random Fortnite squads, especially if you pair with a group of 3 12-year-old friends. If you know you know.
  5. Personally I find it frustrating when the release of a game is delayed, or even an update in an existing game, especially if it's a game/update I am really looking forward to. I think it's unprofessional.
  6. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by a 'sensitive' controller? Are you referring to the controller's feelings? In that case, just treat it with love and you'll be just fine! 😄
  7. I can relate to this topic - I purchased the remake of Star Wars Battlefront 2 on my PS4 since I had the original version on the PS2 and loved it at the time, but the remake just didn't feel the same. Gaming has evolved over time, and so have my gaming needs, and it did not suffice to my gaming needs.
  8. My favourite game of all time is GTA V. I think it's the perfect game and has everything an open-world game could possibly have. It's been my favourite game since I acquired it and completed the story - so 2014.
  9. Personally I find that I cannot concentrate on the game itself when I am listening to my own music. Perhaps it's my taste of music that is distracting or I just prefer to game without music. Especially in games such as Fortnite and COD, where you are trying to listen for any nearby footsteps, how would you concentrate with music in the background?
  10. I currently have a Kotion Each G2600 gaming headset. The design is cool, it comes with a microphone and it has a light-up option. The sound quality is also good for the price. All in all, it's a really good headset for a reasonable price.
  11. I don't play any MMOs anymore, but I played Warframe for a while, at the recommendation of a friend. It's a really cool concept but just not my type of game. I'm thinking of trying it one more time, however, I doubt it will change my opinion of it.
  12. I'd want Jin Kazama from Tekken alongside me in a fight. If there's someone who isn't going to back down from a fight, it's me. Second strongest person after myself is Jin, so I'd take him just for back-up if needed. 😄
  13. I think Shadow The Hedgehog on the PS2 was overlooked, atleast in my opinion. I might be wrong but I don't think it got the recognition it deserved or as much recognition as the Sonic games. I played Shadow The Hedge a lot in my childhood, alone and with friends/family and back then it was the perfect game. It brings back great memories and I'm looking for a way to play the game again.
  14. I didn't exactly discover Red Dead Redemption 2 on VGR, but it was recommended to me by a few people on here, can't remember who exactly. I had the game long before it was recommended to me, but the recommendation finally made me play it. So far, it is amazing!
  15. ARx182


    Yep haha, I have no idea why I said 30". We passed on the chance to get a 50" one from what I remember so it’s either a 38" or 42". Love it though.
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