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  1. Football Manager is a relaxing game for me to play personally. It’s an offline game (well, I only play offline) so there’s no sense of competitiveness with others. It’s just fun and relaxing to play.
  2. Gaming is a source of entertainment, ofcourse it’s good for your mental health. It’s a way to escape all real life worries for some. Ofcourse, if you’re addicted, it can be damaging to your mental health, but the same applies to an addiction to anything. The problem in that case is the addiction itself, not gaming.
  3. Maybe Apple. It would be cool to see an iConsole, it would certainly attract a lot of attention, and if they got it right, it might even became a part of the big 3 (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft).
  4. I think Fall Guys is very overrated, or was, since the hype has died down massively as of late. The concept is very basic and it wasn't worth all the hype if I'm being honest. It's a good game but not in the great category.
  5. Very stupid by Microsoft, and it's even worse that they didn't try to fix the branding after the Xbox One (i.e. Xbox Two, etc.). Maybe they tried to overthink the concept, but Sony did it in a simplistic manner and it's very straight forward for consumers to differentiate between Playstations (PS1, 2, 3, 4 & now 5).
  6. To master a game for eSports, it's not about the level of difficulty of the game, it's about how much you play the game. If you play a game 24/7, eventually it will seem easy to you.
  7. Ideally, I'd like to play FIFA at eSports level. I think I'm very good at it (or I'm just over confident) and it's the game I enjoy playing the most. If I have the opportunity to play at eSports level, I may give it a shot!
  8. It was inevitable after the whole Mixer fiasco. He's still a good gamer, a well-known one in fact, so his popularity won't die down. The only difference is he's streaming on a different platform again.
  9. I don't have a 'favourite' YouTuber, I barely watch YouTube anymore, but occasionally I watch Castro, who is a Fifa streamer. I don't watch him for his gameplay, just for his entertaining pack openings.
  10. Personally, sport involves physical exercise for me. eSports or things like chess exercise your mind, but that isn't really sport. They should be categorised differently to 'sport'. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I just played Fall Guys Season 2 for the first time. It's still a fun game to play, but not quite got the buzz around it that it did in season 1.
  12. Game Pass isn't great in my opinion, it's certainly not unique - Playstation have their own similar pass thing. The size of the PS5 and XSX, given how powerful these consoles are makes sense.
  13. I am thinking about buying the PS5 on release day (if there's any still left in stock). The only thing stopping me is that I also have a PC, so I'm just contemplating whether it's worth spending a fortune on another gaming platform, but knowing me, I will end up buying it anyway.
  14. At the moment, I have absolutely no interest in the Xbox Series X. The design (if you haven't seen me say it already) is lacklustre and lacking imagination and I can play all the Xbox Series X exclusives on my PC, so for all PC users really, you aren't getting anything you don't already have...
  15. I share the same opinion - I haven't spent money on any other mobile game, but I grew a really strong attachment to Clash Royale, which led to me spending a lot of money on the game.
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