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  1. I used to play slots and poker outside. During quarantine it became a problem so fortunately I found Syndicate Casino, so I was able to do it online. As well I started cooking so much. I found some new video games, like Among Us, SIG game. I made some new friends in dota. So quarantine was not so bad 😄
  2. Every morning I wake up to work. At holidays I wake up to have a rest as I understand it's not enough time to chill, so I can't sleep all the time. Must admit that some days I just sleep the whole day as I'm so tired sometimes..
  3. I would just go into a shop take a looot of snacks and would look my fav's movies and series 😄
  4. For sure yes. I guess the creators of cheating softs must be punished harder as well as cheaters. The punishment is too loyal so nobody is afraid to play with cheats. I guess in this way the problem with cheaters might be solved .
  5. I usually play Dota or CS:GO. So my session is mainly depends from win/lose streak. If I'm losing so much I prefer playing not more than 2 games a day if I'm winning more it can be up to 10 games per day.
  6. It's a 50/50 question as doesn't matter how good you are there is someone better than you for sure 😄 I think I'm good at Dota as I'm top400 player of Europe and at least in terms of my country I feel good with dota 😄
  7. I was just looking for gaming forums and found yours 😄 As well I was reading it earlier and after finding it again I decided to sign up 😄
  8. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum. I was reading you for like 1.5 year as non-member and finally decided to sign up. I like playing games and playing it from deep childhood, so would be happy to share my experience and to know some new from forum :)
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