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  1. I think user data is better than feedback for showing how the game could be better.
  2. Yeah, if the game tells you everything with no doing things yourself, it's annoying.
  3. Yeah. A few times I've listened to a playlist I have of game music.
  4. Most games on my console. I don’t play Doom 3 on my Switch anymore, but I like having it if I wanna replay it.
  5. No. I don't particularly like games where you just take pictures of things.
  6. I'm on both sides of the argument. Reviews are just opinions, but they can also represent what the majority of people think about the game.
  7. Yeah, I think so. They're already really popular. But some genres don't really get benefits of being in vr.
  8. RPGs like FF and Earthbound. I just don't see how they're fun.
  9. A few days to a few months. It varies if the game has good replayability.
  10. Same. It's so annoying when small server owners ignore hacker reports, or doesn't have anti cheat and never go online.
  11. Super Mario Odyssey on Switch. I love the ability to just explore the world.
  12. I've never pre-ordered a game. I usually wait for the reviews, so I don't buy a game that's really bad or just buggy.
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