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  1. 😆 Football!!! or soccer, if you will
  2. That Alto's odyssey looks really good. gonna give it a try! The last one I played was super mario run.
  3. I learned how to play guitar when I was around 15. I was never that good, but I still enjoy picking up the guitar once in a while. It's funny how my fingers automatically remember some chords even though I haven't played for so long.
  4. Yeah, for me it's very hard to play a game with bad graphics today because I'm so used to good quality. But I love when they have some kind of artistic lighting or colors - they don't have to be realistic - and of course the overall storyline is one of the most important aspects.
  5. Ronaldo forever. He is more complete overall, faster, more powerful. Messi needs a team playing for him, Ronaldo makes the team. Ronaldo is so much more interesting, Sporting, Man United, Real Madrid, Juventus. Messi? Barcelona, forever boring 😆 I'm joking, but Ronaldo is the best.
  6. SSX on tour, GTA Vice City, Midnight Club LA, Fifa Street and Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
  7. I think we'll keep buying music - but in physical form, CDs, vinyls, etc. Buying just one song sounds really rare right now. Spotify is my favorite thing. I love the fact that you discover so many new artists and music there. It's really awesome, I think they'll keep growing and now with podcasts, it's just so complete that I don't see any competition. Having said that, if I really like an artist, I keep buying their albums because it's like a piece of art. I love to read the booklets and to just have the CDs in my room even if I don't listen to them that often.
  8. I generally don't like timed missions - because they stress me out - but of course they make the game more interesting. Unless the game is all about timed missions I can appreciate some here and there.
  9. I also hate mandatory tutorials. I understand that some games need an explanation of some sort, but if it's too much I just get bored and end up skipping it all the way. There's a certain pleasure in feeling a little lost and discovering the rules or the goals by yourself.
  10. haggia sophia! old Constantinople (or something), it's in Turkey, right?
  11. The Dark Knight (and the rest of the trilogy) was the one that got me into Batman. It's one of those movies that if it's on the TV I keep watching even though I've watched it a LOT of times. But I haven't seen the majority of the old ones so I won't compare them
  12. Any late 90s/00s kids? I was addicted to disney channel shows. Lilo & Stitch, Recess, Kim Possible, American Dragon. And others not from disney, obviously Pokemon and Digimon, Rugrats... and I loved Rocket Power on nickelodean
  13. I clearly remember playing game boy color (I had the green one) in school when I was 5 or 6. I had probably played some simple pc game before, like Pinball or Solitaire haha but I'm not sure.
  14. Probably the PS3 that I got like three months after release. It was around the time I used to play more and actually the last console I bought.
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