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  1. I loved Madden but I have played organized football in high-school. I did love playing the Tony Hawk games and only ever been on a skateboard once and fell off of it pretty hard haha.
  2. Bro you hit the nail on the head! Literally came to this thread to post this. When I rented this gem from Blockbuster for the first time I always checked it out then eventually bought a copy. I love this game so so much.
  3. Like others have mentioned it all really depends on things and it's mainly personal preference. If I I having fun and have some good music it helps. Even being in a call with my brothers or cousins mame it enjoyable then I'm all for it!
  4. For starters I apologize to anyone who doesn't like referring to their OC as a "toon". In this thread post a character you have created from anything! Provide name of character, game, backstory and what you're doing in game if you like! OSRS Darth Vanity Working on cooking at the moment. Cooking outfit only to match the cooking gauntlets I just obtained haha. 💪
  5. I do enjoy healthy competition every now and then to get the blood pumping! I just ran in my first 10k ever a few weeks ago and I felt the competitive juices in me whenever i passed someone. Mind you I was 7th out of 30 people so I am nowhere near that top tier competitiveness like some haha!
  6. I just started doing turkey bacon and love it! Yeah reggie bacon is high in sodium and fat. Since I just found out I have high blood pressure I have been staying away from all the "good" stuff haha. Poofy eyes will definitely make you stop haha! Dude awesome that you have chickens! Do you name them? Have a favorite?! A gentleman from church has chickens and I usually buy a dozen from him every couple of weeks. Under the eggs and provo I have a couple of toasted English muffins 😁
  7. Yeah there was a YouTube video I seen awhile back that referred to them now as "Zombie Simpsons". After a lot of original writers left the show did become incredibly stale and started to heavily rely on pop culture and the flavor of the month content. For some reason the show is still popular amongst a younger audience and I see them everywhere with merchandise and a lot of stuff on social media. It's too bad because when you watch those older clips they were comedy gold!
  8. Holy necro thread batman! I was born in Burgerland and speak English. I should know two different dialects of Tagalog and Spanish but my folks only speak English at home.
  9. Okay I know regular pork bacon is amazing but anyone like turkey bacon? Ever try different kinds? Random breakfast questions!
  10. I was being pretty vague because I wasn't sure if there were rules on how much we could share on spirituality but it looks like I'm at a bit of an impasse haha. I always seen the horns as a "rock on" or "party on" symbol and I'm aware it also can pertain to the devil or satanic dealings. I'm under discipleship at my church and I'm still growing and learning in it. To answer your question I'm a Christian and go to a nondenominational church. I'm a firm believer in spirituality, not religion. So I say, rock on and party on my dude 🤘😆🤘
  11. Luke 6:31 "Do to others as you would have them do to you." I check my Walk of Life everyday. It hasn't been easy and it is an everyday battle but the set of rules I follow aren't popular amongst the majority but that's okay. I love them and treat them with respect as much as my body and mind allow me to. 🤘😁🤘
  12. That is pretty awesome and I had no clue.
  13. No mention of DragonBall Evolution? Not even at the end did they give us a proper Kamehameha. I was so freaking disappointed. I left work early to watch that garbage. I went with a group of DB fans and we just laughed through the whole thing.
  14. Loved this movie! Watched it a lot growing up. We used to quote probably everything Milla Jovovich's character said. I enjoy it. It has charm and is incredibly different compared to a lot of sci-fi which is what I find endearing about it. I wanted more Gary Oldman though. Not sure if you knew this OP but in this movie the good guy Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) never once runs into the badguy Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman). I thought that was a fun fact. I also really loved the opera scene/Leeloo kicking butt. "Leeloo Dallas multipass!"
  15. OSRS PC...at work lol
  16. When you play video games which do you folks gravitate to? Which games? I haven't played a game that involved PVP in a while. Last time was probably PUBG and Project Zomboid on public servers but I do prefer the much more laid gaming experience.
  17. Someone who has in depth comments, opinions and is an OG (original gamer) and not a fluff gamer like now-a-days.
  18. I seen Path of the Exile on that list of free games. Been a few years since I've played it but it is a decent Diablo clone if you're into games like that.
  19. Dude all these videos are making me hungry! Anymore it is almonds or green tea. Used to be a big bag of sodium filled chips chased down with an energy drink or big soda. Those were the days and 50 pounds ago haha!
  20. I've only been on mobile which would explain why I couldn't tell what it was. Thanks!
  21. What does it mean? Thank you for the time 🤨
  22. Grew up playing 6 (3 here in 'murica", FFT,8,10 (love love Mr blitzball) 11 and 14. 11 is superior to 14 imo. Fave has to probably be 6 or Tactics only because of how much time I spent on each one. Mastering every job class in FFT was fun.
  23. First game I recall having a moral system i ever played was KOTOR and when I learned there was darkside options it was darkside all the way. In games with these options I almost always play through evil first then good on a new playthrough.
  24. I love documentaries but I was making a reference to the Bible.
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