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  1. I was definitely one of the people laughing haha. Honestly this is so funny that it kind of makes me want to try Stadia LOL.
  2. I know absolutely no one who has owned or even played a Stadia. I'll admit that they have had some pretty cool ads for it though. It just doesn't seem to be anything special. You are probably right in your prediction that it will be shut down...
  3. I've set my PC to turn on night mode at 1am because lately I have been staying up studying and the night mode tint makes it easier on my eyes. However, exams are over and now I am gaming at that time instead. I realized that I cannot game with night mode on as it affects my play. I'm wondering if any of you use some sort of late night "night mode" and can still game with it on. Or do you just skip having a night mode altogether?
  4. I've always stood my consoles up just due to random preference but I had never realized the information about how this helps with cooling. Definitely good to know for future reference. Thanks for the info y'all.
  5. I cannot do that at all haha. I'm the type of person who has to play the game immediately after buying. Personally I don't worry to much about saving a few bucks. I'd rather buy a game full price if I have an intense urge to play it. If the urge is not there I likely will not purchase the game.
  6. I knew mobile games were popular but I did not know that free-to-play mobile games can generate over 70 million dollars in a year! I wish I had become a mobile game designer back when they were starting to become popular haha.
  7. I prefer happy endings in comparison to sad endings but as long as the ending is not forced or too random then I am usually okay with it. As long as there is some sort of conclusion and not a cliffhanger haha.
  8. I can never see myself having the feeling of "winning" an MMO. In my head I think of MMOs as games that go on forever and you basically play until you get bored rather than win. Even after the initial story or gameplay I feel as if I have so much more exploring to do.
  9. Anyone got any thoughts about Pokemon lasting forever? As a kid I was always excited when new Pokemon were released but as I got older there just became too many generations to keep track of as more and more kept coming out.
  10. Yes, this was what I was going to mention! I played a lot of sports as a kid and it was so expensive to purchase all the equipment and join leagues. With sports there is also a physical barrier/limit but with gaming, there is no defined limit when it comes to increasing your skills! Not saying that gaming is necessarily better than sports but just that the cost of gaming is not that bad in my opinion.
  11. I love the one about building your own real-life house in the game! I've tried this and it is actually pretty hard to get a perfectly accurate replication. It really does make you think though and it allows your creative side to come out.
  12. Back in the day I had a Nintendo DS emulator but its save function did not work for some reason haha. I remember I would be so sad every time I logged off and the game did not save.
  13. You have FFX but have not played!? You totally should 😝. I love that game so much haha, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
  14. For me it is when you get some sort of big accomplishment, for example like a "pentakill" in League of Legends. It's exciting because everyone congratulates you. Even the enemy team will usually say something nice to you about it haha.
  15. I've really only played Sonic on the Gameboy Advanced SP but wow does this post bring back memories! It was definitely a highlight of my childhood haha. Wish I had the opportunity to try Sonic for the Wii. Seems like a fun game.
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