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  1. Where are you from Boblee? I've kown that in the USA the Football (soccer) ain't very popular
  2. Now that I remember, I bought the first FIFA at my 11 yo, and I'm not too good skilled at it, but always enjoy it a lot!
  3. All Mario's Saga, Prince of Persia 89', Full Throttle, Battle Toads, the secret of monkey Island, Shenmue, Zelda: Ocarina of time, Sydney 2000 dreamcast version, Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92, Fifa´s from 1998 till now ... god ... I'm old ...
  4. That people who just goes to "kill them all" desperates me 😄
  5. Do you remember, COmand and Conquer? It is a kind of
  6. I've played Iron Harvest! That kind of games are cool for me
  7. Yes, and I love them too, but, have been forgotten another genres like RPG a little bit
  8. You can see a lot of these games everywhere! and come on!! ain't too good ... isn't it?
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