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  1. This sounds AMAZING, I love it! I've entered so let's see if I can be the lucky winner! 😄 Thanks for sharing and good luck to everyone!
  2. While this looks awesome (I'm especially a HUGE fan of GTA III), it's crazy that Rockstar will release just about anything to prolong the release of GTA 6 lol
  3. AsPe

    Squid Game

    Well damn...I finished watching it and I'm somewhat disappointed. The first few episodes were AMAZING. But the twist at the end was underwhelming and many things were predictable. The entire concept of the show was fantastic and unique to me, so I guess that's why I expected something bigger at the end.
  4. AsPe

    Squid Game

    My friend told me about it two days ago and I can't wait to watch it! I've seen a "green light, red light" meme the other day on a Call of Duty fan page and I didn't understand it at all...but it turned out it was from the show lol.
  5. I used to LOVE playing PES when I was a kid, it was so much better than FIFA to me. However, this new stuff is just really bad. It feels that some companies just have no idea how to monetize their product. But what do we know...maybe it does work for them!
  6. To me, Ray Tracing looks impressive and I'm really amazed at how well it looks like in certain games, even "cartoonish" ones like Fortnite! However, having high FPS and Ray Tracing is impossible unless you got amazing hardware, and with GPU shortage and insane prices, I just feel it's not worth building a RT-capable computer right now. The future is bright, though, so newer generations of graphics cards will be able to handle RT with ease, which is something to look forward to!
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