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  1. StormyFire

    Standing desk

    Have you tried gaming with a standing desk? Did you find that it was harder than sitting down?
  2. Do you think that young kids should be playing games, or do you think that it's harmful?
  3. I just recently reinstalled Linux and have been getting some games to work with WINE. It's been pretty decent so far. Have you tried gaming on Linux?
  4. I think that Vice City in particular is worth playing even though it is a little aged technologically. It has a compelling storyline and very creative gameplay.
  5. I'm having trouble thinking of an example. I feel like video games are getting less creative, not more creative... I think it's similar to the situation with movies. They are running out of ideas!
  6. The Minecraft server community is certainly full of shady server admins. I feel like many of them were quite corrupt. Player-run servers are a blessing and a curse.
  7. I feel like cheating in e-sports would be quite silly. There's a lot to lose if you are caught.
  8. I always am amazed when MOBAs do well. They seem like such silly games. I don't understand the appeal. Then again, I don't really play many games that require strategy anyway.
  9. I've heard that the League of Legends community is one of the most toxic communities out there. It seems like a game that I wouldn't want to play for sure. It seems like even your teammates say really nasty things if you're not doing what they think you should be doing.
  10. StormyFire


    I actually just installed Origin again. I installed it on Arch Linux using WINE. Eager to see how well The Sims 4 works.
  11. As another person said, it would probably be Age of Empires II for me. I never much liked the others. There's something about AoE II that makes it the most fun.
  12. StormyFire


    Do you use Origin? I use Origin, but I only use it because of The Sims 4. I prefer Steam for other games.
  13. StormyFire

    Game size

    It is not uncommon now for games to be well over 100 or even 200 GB. What do you think is causing the increased size of games? Do you think that it is necessary?
  14. StormyFire

    Gaming on Mac

    Does anybody here use a Mac for gaming? It seems like it would be quite difficult to use a Mac for gaming. While a good amount of games are compatible, they still aren't exactly geared towards gaming.
  15. I would presume that this functionality would be extended to Windows 11 as well. Otherwise it doesn't seem like it would be worth the effort.
  16. I think that my reaction times are pretty slow for my age sadly. I can't imagine what they'll be like when I'm older. o_o
  17. I don't think that I would force myself to do things that I hate. I love completing games fully, but I can't really force myself to do things that I hate in games just for the sake of having done them.
  18. I think that as time goes on, more and more people are interested enough in preserving older games; thus, it seems unlikely to me that many games will be lost to time unless they are/were extremely obscure.
  19. I feel like most PC games were isometric at a certain point. Many of the early games that I remember playing on PC were isometric.
  20. StormyFire

    Candy Crush

    I have played it a few times, but I always seem to get stuck at a certain point and then just lose interest in playing. It's not something that I can see playing long-term. ^^
  21. It seems like Rockstar is focusing more on online play than single-player, so I think that's a safe bet. I think that online play is where most of the money is in this day and age.
  22. I think the idea of Minecraft is to be a sandbox game that people can spend hours exploring and learning, so not having an in-depth tutorial sort of makes sense. If you get stuck, there are plenty of guides created by the community, as others said.
  23. Have game reviews ever deterred you from buying a game? I don't usually rely on gaming reviews when I decide which games to get. I find that I have a different taste in games than most.
  24. What time of day do you tend to play games the most? Do you find that your experience with games changes based on the time of day? I've always loved playing games during the very early morning hours. I'm not sure why, but that's when it seems to be the most enjoyable for me.
  25. StormyFire


    Have you done much with overclocking on your PC? I have my CPU and memory overclocked slightly. I didn't bother to overclock my GPU because overclocking with my particular GPU, based on my research, provides very modest performance gains to the point where it's not really worth it.
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