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  1. I've never been terribly bothered with brightness in games. I usually just turn it up to a reasonable level and leave it at that.
  2. I would say that, although it's usually not strictly the game's fault, getting something like a bluescreen or hard freeze that causes progress to be lost is pretty infuriating. D:
  3. This has happened to me a few times, but usually it's pretty brief. If you lose touch with somebody, it's usually because one or both parties wasn't investing effort in keeping the friendship going; as such, it's probably just going to happen that way again.
  4. It depends. I try to sit relatively close when gaming, but it's not always possible depending on the situation. It seems more immersive when you are closer. ^^
  5. It makes sense that it would help. Doing anything that is relaxing and enjoyable can certainly help; I know it does for me. ^^ I know that Wii was used to promote physical activity in older adults as well.
  6. It depends on the type of item that it is. I have played games where you can lose items that you are carrying on your person, so in that case, I would be careful not to carry it around if at all possible.
  7. It's amazing how some remakes are actually decent takes on the classics while others just completely miss the boat. It's especially sad when you have fond memories of playing the originals, but the remakes do not do them justice.
  8. Platforming is the worst. I avoid most games that have it. It's not my preferred style of playing. ^^
  9. I would go the other way and say that some consoles were overrated. For example, I never cared for the Xbox 360 even though it was insanely popular. I've always preferred PC gaming over consoles, but even keeping that bias in mind, I still think the Xbox 360 was overrated.
  10. I think that it is very likely, with how much CGI technology has advanced, that it will be difficult to distinguish VR from real life at some point in the not-so-distant future. That seems a little... odd to me. I still haven't hopped on the VR bandwagon. ^^
  11. I have played games with relatives in the past, but not recently. Many of my relatives play games on a pretty regular basis. I think that everyone has just been really busy lately. ^^
  12. What do you think is the optimal resolution for gaming? I think that, although 4K looks really nice, 1440p is the sweet spot at the moment. At 1440p, games still look great without the performance hit that you take when you play in 4K. For competitive gaming, it is also extremely hard to find 4K displays that have extremely low response times and high refresh rates.
  13. Where is your gaming setup located? Is it in a special area of your home all by itself, or is it somewhere more conspicuous like your living room?
  14. What do you consider to be some of the most influential games ever released? How did they influence their genre or even games in general?
  15. I don't see much innovation in the near future. It seems like game developers are going for easy releases that they know will sell well...
  16. I tried standing while gaming, but I didn't think it felt quite right. To me, playing games is supposed to be relaxing. Standing changed that somehow. ^^
  17. I played a lot of The Sims 2. It was probably the one I played most as a young kid. ^^ I still revisit it every so often since the gameplay is so unique and interesting.
  18. I've had really bad luck with my last couple of phones. I had never broken a phone until earlier this year. Since then, I broke two in a row. One even had a screen protector on it...
  19. I play it sporadically. It's a fun timewaster, but I usually can't play it for long stretches without taking a break from it. It also can be quite frustrating for those who aren't the best with the battle strategies. ^^
  20. I have a cheap gaming mouse from Amazon. It has RGB lights, and it's good enough for my needs. I don't need the absolute most precise or advanced mouse on the market. ^^
  21. StormyFire

    The future

    Many PC games can be played with VR, though, and PC runs games far better than consoles generally can. Thus, an increase in demand for VR would logically increase the demand for PC hardware, or so I believe. ^^
  22. I use Gmail for general things that aren't really important. For anything I prefer to stay private, I use Protonmail. Tutanova is also solid, but I prefer Protonmail over it.
  23. Games are definitely a good way to chill out. I do hope that young people aren't just distracting themselves from their mental issues rather than dealing with them directly, though.
  24. Do you collect merchandise related to your favorite games? What do you have in your collection?
  25. What do you tend to drink while playing games? Are there certain drinks that are inherently gamer-friendly?
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