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  1. There was a game called Paralives that was in development that looked pretty neat, but I'm not sure if it ever went anywhere. It seemed to have a lot of people interested in it.
  2. I think that is why it has lasted for so long. There's not really a game that can match its play style, and for good reason. I think that developing The Sims is a massive undertaking due to the amount of interactions involved in the game.
  3. I've never been a huge fan of RTS games. I feel like they are games where you need a lot of speed to be able to compete. I just don't have that. ^^
  4. I've always viewed Fortnite as more of a game for kids. There's nothing wrong with that, but I feel like it appeals more to younger audiences somewhat at the expense of attracting older players.
  5. I feel like a lot of my friends who play COD complain that they come out with basically the same game every year just as a cash grab. I know that's literally the point of making games for the developers and publishers, but they do not seem to be adding very many new features either.
  6. I've never seen a super realistic game involving surgery. I kind of think it might be kind of strange to play such a game, but then again, medical things seem kind of scary to me. ^^
  7. I remember playing a Carmen San Diego game a long time ago that was educational and really fun. ^^
  8. Do you like to be challenged by games, or do you like it when games make it easier for you to beat them? I would prefer to be challenged by games so that they are playable for a longer time.
  9. StormyFire

    The future

    Do you think that in the future (over the next 10 years or so), PC gaming will grow or decline? Why do you think so? I stongly prefer PC gaming, but unfortunately, I think that the price of some parts like graphics cards will cause more people to go for consoles.
  10. How much "gaming" gear do you own? For example, do you have a "gamer" desk, mousepad, headset, or anything like that? I have an RGB mousepad, keyboard, mouse, and headset.
  11. It seems like games in general were harder back then. Today, a lot of games tell you exactly what to do to beat them. It seems like games from the older times just made you figure it out for yourself!
  12. I always seem to lose or damage DVDs, so I think digital is the way to go. All of the games I have now are digital copies. I haven't really bought DVDs for games for a long, long time, and I don't plan to do so!
  13. I don't really think that video games can cause people to become introverted. It seems more likely that people who are introverted would choose to play games rather than do other things that might involve more socializing.
  14. The oldest one I've ever owned is PS2. I was pretty young when we had that. It had some fun games, though. I don't really play consoles much anymore.
  15. I feel like being able to skip parts that you fail repeatedly would be good for casual players, but some hardcore players may be annoyed because they would go through the trouble to beat it. Then again, the hardcore players would be able to say that they beat it and get any achievements for having done so. I guess it doesn't really matter in the end.
  16. I'm not a fan of sports at all. That being said, I still think that sports games are kind of repetitive. It also seems excessive that they come out every year for each sport. Do they add a lot of new features to make it worthwhile?
  17. I play Sims pretty often. I usually play The Sims 4 nowadays, but out of all of them, I probably played The Sims 3 the most. I think The Sims 4 has the best graphics, but The Sims 3 probably has better gameplay.
  18. I liked playing tennis. It didn't require as much athletic ability as some other sports. ^^ I don't normally like sports.
  19. Hey! ^^ I found this forum on another site and thought it looked neat. Looking forward to meeting all of you!
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