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  1. Do you feel that certain themes in games cross the line and should be considered off-limits? Where is that line for you personally?
  2. Yes, I do! I feel that when I was younger, I had so much more time to play. School and other responsibilities take so much time away...
  3. I do definitely feel that as a whole, games are focusing more on flashy cinematics and aesthetics rather than innovative gameplay, let alone story.
  4. Lenovo consistently delivers quality products at surprisingly competitive prices. It is strange because many people view Lenovo as an obscure brand, but they actually evolved from IBM. I have never had bad luck with their products.
  5. To my understanding, ray-tracing is only utilized in some very niche titles at this point. As such, I find it difficult to justify the expense of RTX cards.
  6. I haven't had much luck with compressed air. I usually use alcohol wipes to remove the dust. It's worked quite well in my experience. Compressed air can sometimes get rid of large clumps of dust, but it leaves a bit behind on everything.
  7. It's crazy to think about this since the GTA games were some of the flagship titles on the PlayStation 2 to my understanding. Didn't the original Xbox underperform the PS2 quite significantly?
  8. Games have gotten much, much bigger over the past decade or so. I guess the biggest adjustment for me was having to upgrade my computer's storage to accommodate games that can be 100+ GB.
  9. I sometimes turn off things like dynamic shadows and antialiasing that can bog down a game's performance for very little return in aesthetics. Sometimes, I feel like games look pretty much the same on medium and high graphics.
  10. I socialize quite a bit in MMOs. I still have some long-lasting friendships that started in MMOs. ^^ That's what makes them even more fun in my opinion.
  11. Are there any game genres that you consider "dead"? I feel like the MMORPG genre is dead. Every time a new one comes up (which isn't super often), it declines pretty quickly.
  12. Since when has the law ever stopped people from doing malicious things like scalping? I think it's a good idea, but I find it highly unlikely that it will have the intended effect.
  13. I've really enjoyed some games that had a lot of glitches. Sometimes the glitches can actually be used to make the gameplay more enjoyable or even to beat the game faster.
  14. For those of you who have a Switch, do you play it more as a handheld or in a dock with a controller on a display? I like playing it docked more, but being able to use it handheld is nice in some situations.
  15. Some people prefer the experience of using an older computer with older peripherals to play. I can see why it would be more nostalgic. You'd essentially be experiencing the game as people played it back when it was new. Retro technology can often be really expensive for what it is though.
  16. Do you buy any items in mobile games? I have gotten a few packs on Clash of Clans but that's about it. A lot of mobile games have so many microtransactions that you'd go broke trying to buy everything. XD
  17. I used to use Flux to control the brightness of my screen based on the time of day, but that became a bit much for me. I usually just have a constant brightness setting these days. It may not be the best for my eyes or sleep or whatever, but it is what it is. ^^
  18. With PCI passthrough, it is definitely possible to game in a virtual machine with native GPU performance. Many people who use Linux as a daily driver do this to run games that are hopelessly incompatible with Linux in a Windows VM.
  19. I don't know why, but I've never been much into futuristic-type games. I never liked Halo for example. I guess it's just a personal preference. ^^
  20. I'm sure that there are plenty of people in the market for adult type games. There seem to be a lot of games like that on Steam and elsewhere. I'm sure they wouldn't make them if they didn't sell well. ^^
  21. I haven't played Lawn Mowing Simulator, but it looks like it's similar to Farming Simulator in a lot of respects. I like that game. It's very relaxing and peaceful to play. ^^
  22. Do you think that with the right amount of dedication and practice, anybody can be an esports player? Do you think that it requires some innate ability that cannot be taught or trained?
  23. What are your favorite snacks to eat while gaming? I like to eat potato chips while gaming. XD
  24. What game developers do you view as the most innovative today? Do you think that innovation in gaming is increasing or declining?
  25. There is a game called Clone Hero that is free to play and is basically a Guitar Hero clone that is still being developed. Have you ever heard of it? It has a pretty big fanbase.
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